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Why Argan is So Powerful for Sweating Skin

by Jude Kayton April 07, 2017

The Tree of Life

You’ve probably heard of Argan oil but how much do you know about its origins? Argan oil comes from the Argania Spinosa (commonly known as Argan and sometimes as the “Tree of Life”) a desert tree found in South West Morroco. Despite the arid and unforgiving conditions of the desert, the Argan tree can survive for up to 250 years. No plant weathers the harsh desert climate better. The trees themselves are incredible organic structures with complex root systems adept at finding crucial drops of moisture in dry desert soil.

The oil must be expertly harvested from the desert tree and this is generally done through local techniques that form a key part of traditions and customs, and extend back through multiple generations of local communities. Within the fleshy bud of the tree, there are small and precious kernels that contain the oil conversationally known as “liquid gold”. For centuries the Amazigh people of Morocco have used Argan to treat ailments like heart disease, rheumatism and have applied it directly to dry skin and hair. Modern botanical science shows that Argan has a rich proportion of potent antioxidants and fatty acids and is one of the most nourishing natural skincare ingredients ever discovered. 

Argania Active Complex©

FRÉ takes the power of the desert Argan several steps beyond the traditional and well-known oil, through its unique Argania Active Complex©, a formula that lies at the heart of each step of FRÉ’s 123 skincare set. FRÉ’s breakthrough formula combines new ways of harvesting active ingredients with parts of the desert Argan that have never been used before. Ultimately, FRÉ brings the power of the Argan’s desert moisture and resilience to deeply nourish sweating skin. So how does it work? The unique formula is crafted out of the kernel, leaf-water extract and stem cells of the Argan tree and is specially designed to rejuvenate and nourish sweating skin. Argania Active Complex is perfect for sweating skin because it combines replenishing moisture with the purifying and calming powers of Argan leaf-water extract, along with potent anti-aging properties. Best of all, Argania Active Complex feels incredibly light and fresh on skin.

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How Sweat Impacts Skin

While there are many skincare solutions out there, FRÉ is the only one that really addresses the unique needs of skin that (often) sweats. When you work out (and especially if you work out outdoors) environmental factors like harsh sunlight and pollution can cause facial skin dryness, pigmentation, redness, elasticity loss and lead to premature aging. The more you sweat while you work out, the greater the impact of these factors. In fact, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, athletes are at an increased risk of skin cancer due to the combination of sweat that intensifies the photosensitivity of skin and causes over-exposure to the sun.

Intense sweating causes anti-oxidative stress, leading to collagen degeneration and ultimately, a loss of elasticity and firmness. Too much sweat can also dehydrate your skin leading to a loss of key minerals and vitamins. And existing solutions combined with sweat can actually clog your pores leading to pimples, blackheads and more. Ultimately, your skin has a delicate PH balance and any disruption to it can cause irritation, redness, itching and blotchiness.

Creating Skin Resilience

By bringing the power of the resilient desert Argan to skincare, FRÉ creates resilient skin.* The deeply nourishing formula works in two ways: first by shielding your skin from exercise and sweat related damage (with water-resistant SPF30), and secondly by repairing your skin. Argania Active Complex© fights free radicals, prevents dark spots, improves skin elasticity, fighting the signs of aging. FRÉ is also non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic; the formula smells great and won’t sting your eyes.

So what’s in Argania Active Complex? Carotenoids, polyphenols, vitamin E, ferulic acid, and squalene enriched with flavonoids of the Argan tree. The combination of these antioxidants helps reduce the effects of aging. Essential fatty acids moisturize the skin, and sterols keep skin firm by retaining moisture. But what really sets FRÉ apart is the Argan leaf-water extract and stem cells themselves. They are the first active ingredients to demonstrate a proven effect on real dermal stem cells, meaning they can regenerate damaged skin. The Argan water extract is rich is saponin, a natural soap that has anti-microbial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Using FRÉ on a daily basis replenishes the skin water–lipid layer and increases nutrients in skin cells, stimulates intracellular oxygen, neutralizes free radicals, and protects the conjunctive tissue, keeping your skin healthy and fresh while you sweat.

With every 123FRÉ skincare set sold, we plant an Argan tree. FRÉ is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. 


*Skin resilience: the capacity of your skin to resist intense stress and quickly recover from it, staying healthy and radiant.




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