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How to Rehydrate Your Dried-Out Skin

by Tal Carmel November 12, 2017

Do you suffer from flaky, itchy, sensitive, tight or dull skin? You might have jumped to the conclusion that you suffer from dry skin, but there are actually two separate issues that might be to blame. It could be dry skin, but it could also be dehydrated skin, and there’s a difference.

"Our 123FRÉ set is specifically designed to prevent dryness in the first place."

Is your skin dehydrated or dry?

It all comes down to the difference between skin condition and skin type. A dry skin condition means your skin is lacking water, and is literally dehydrated. A dry skin type refers to the type of skin you were born with. The big difference is that any skin type can suffer from dehydration. This can be caused by many factors ranging from the makeup or skincare you’re using to your diet and the weather. It may sound like dehydrated skin is super dry and cracked, but counter-intuitively, when your skin suffers from dehydration it can actually overcompensate by producing more oil, which can lead to nasty breakouts.


How to nourish dehydrated skin

So, how can you tell if your skin is dehydrated? Common signs include an overall lack of moisture, skin that feels oily and dry simultaneously, and breakouts. Dehydrated skin is a condition that may come and go based on diet, environment, incorrect product use, and other factors. So, how can you nourish dehydrated skin? Water-rich products, aka hydrating products are your best choice. Try a hydrating serum or moisturizer, like FRÉ’s REVIVE ME or PROTECT ME. As FRÉ enthusiast Lily Taylor wrote, the products “make my skin feel very hydrated immediately and lasts all through the day,” which is in part thanks to FRÉ’s unique Argania Active Complex© formula, based on nourishing Argan oil, stem cells and leaf-water, and specially designed to keep skin hydrated and fresh.

How to nourish dry skin

But your skin might not be dehydrated at all, if your skin type is dry. So how can you tell if that’s the case?  People with a dry skin type actually lack sebum (oil), a natural skin condition from birth. So if you have dry skin, it’s probably not new or circumstance dependent, but a common everyday feeling. You might be used to feeling dry all over, including your hands and scalp. The bad news is that you are more susceptible to premature aging. The good news is that there are products that can prevent this and help to nourish your skin. If this is you, then your skin probably needs extra nourishment, especially in winter, and lasting deep reaching products. One great tip is to pair up your regular moisturizer with a serum for an added moisture shot. This can work wonders because serum is made up of smaller molecules than regular moisturizer and can penetrate more deeply into the skin. Another tip is to opt for a cleanser that is actually moisturizing. That means steering clear of drying alcohols and foaming agents and opting for a natural cream cleanser like FRÉ’s PURIFY ME.

"Skincare experts agree that one of the best ways to combat dehydrated skin is through the use of serums containing hyaluronic acid."



How FRÉ helps to hydrate

FRÉ enthusiast Katie Grenier, who regularly exercises and lives in a fairly harsh climate, can attest to the hydrating and replenishing power of FRÉ and it’s ability to combat both dryness and dehydration: “I purchased this 2 weeks ago and was so excited to try it, and I haven't been disappointed. I workout 4-5 days a week mostly doing crossfit style workouts and running. My skin looks amazing, I haven't gotten any new acne (even on my period!), and my redness is gone. I live in Maine where the winter months can be brutally cold, so I am always worried about skin care products drying out my skin, but this is the perfect amount of moisturizer. If you are on the fence I highly recommended purchasing. I can't wait to see the results in the next few months!”


Skincare experts agree that one of the best ways to combat dehydrated skin is through the use of serums containing hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance in skin that has the capacity to attract and hold vast amounts of moisture and works to replenish skin. Our REVIVE ME serum, is packed with ingredients to rehydrate and replenish skin. This includes hyaluronic acid, our unique Argania Active Complex© and Hydroviton, which naturally regulates skin moisturizing, strengthens the skin barrier, and prevents dehydration. However, it’s not just about to repair dry skin damage; our 123FRÉ set is specifically designed to also prevent dryness in the first place.


Protect, Purify, Revive

123FRÉ begins with our SPF30 PROTECT ME moisturizer, enriched with sterols and squalene to help retain moisture in the skin, and ensure a fast absorption of product without clogging pores. Step 2 is our PURIFY ME facial cleanser, which we’ve jampacked with jojoba beans and aloe vera to both purify and soothe. You can rest assured that this cleanser will replenish your skin and won’t strip your skin of moisture after a long day and a strenuous workout.  Finally, you can end the day with our final step, REVIVE ME, for an added moisture boost. Whether you’re running outside in harsh weather, washing off the day's grime, or looking for an extra shot of moisture, the 123FRÉ set will keep your skin happy, healthy, and hydrated.



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