The first skincare range for women who work out, formulated for skin that sweats.



The first skincare range for women who work out, formulated for skin that sweats.


Formulated for skin that sweats. 

123FRÉ is a comprehensive 3-step anti-aging treatment that creates healthy and resilient skin for women who love to work out. Its formulas and textures are specially suited to skin that sweats. 

Step 1: "Protect Me" is an ultra-light SPF30 moisturizer. It is water-resistant, won't clog pores and won't sting eyes when you sweat (ophthalmologist tested).

Step 2: "Purify Me" is a hydrating facial cleanser that soothes, de-stresses, hydrates and rebalances skin pH, post-workout.

Step 3: "Revive Me" is a specialized anti-aging serum that regenerates collagen and skin elasticity.

All products are hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested and non-comedogenic. 

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“I am a fitness instructor and finally found a skincare routine specially made for my sweaty life. 123FRÉ gives all my skin needs. The first time I tried it, I have to say I was blown away by the quality of the 3 products! There simply is no other way to put it. And what surprised me is that one week only after using my new skincare routine, I wasn't the only one to notice that my skin looked better; people complimented me for having this "certain glow".     

Daniella, Fitness Instructor

I run every day and what I love about my new skincare routine is the combination of lightweight and very gentle textures that are perfect for sweating skin with a luxurious, simple and high-performance routine. The scent is also amazing and you can feel every single detail was taken into account to answer the needs of my regularly sweating skin both in terms of experience and result. I just love to sweat with FRÉ. 

Jennifer, Runner

Natural ingredients

Our core ingredient is Argan, the most powerful anti-oxidant in the plant world. We use its active ingredients at the highest possible concentration for optimal skincare performance. Our formulators and botanic experts always favor natural ingredients and use no animal-derived materials.


Animal testing
Parabens, SLS, Mineral Oil, DEA, Petrolatum, PEG, Propylene Glycol

Customized clinical tests

FRÉ specializes in delivering high-performance facial skincare for women who often work out. Our products successfully passed the most advanced skincare clinical tests approved by the FDA.





Water resistant


For every skincare set sold, an Argan tree is planted.


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The Solution

Argania active complex

FRÉ’s researchers have gone several steps beyond the traditional uses of Argan oil by creating Argania Active Complex© out of the kernel and leaf of the Argan tree.

The Solution


The #123FRÉ Skincare Resilience Set is a daily routine that combats outdoor, exercise, and sweat-induced damage to facial skin without interfering with the beneficial cooling and purifying process of sweating.

The Solution

formulated for sweating skin

FRÉ is at the forefront of research, developing textures and formulas that protect the skin, while also feeling natural and light-weight when sweating.