For every set sold, an Argan Tree is planted.


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Where does FRÉ ship?

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How long will it take to ship to Alaska, Canada, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico?
You might experience a few extra days in shipping timelines. Shipping to these states will take about 11-15 business days.

For orders in Canada, are the prices in Canadian dollars?
All orders in Canada are in US dollars.

How can I edit my shipping address?
If your order is being shipped to an incorrect address, please email us before your order is shipped to the email


You can learn all about our products on their individual product pages.

Why do I need a special skincare routine because I workout?
When you work out, especially outdoors, your facial skin is prone to extra damage due to environmental factors. Your facial skin requires a routine that will help revive your skin, and protect you from issues like increased photo-sensitivity due to the combination of sweat and sun, dark spots, irritation, breakouts, over-redness, and premature aging.

Do I need to use FRÉ products pre and post-workout only or as a daily routine?
FRÉ is your comprehensive daily skincare routine.

Have all FRÉ products been tested and approved?
All FRÉ products are clinically and dermatologically tested, and have passed the following tests: non-comodogenic (i.e., won’t clog pores), hypoallergenic for our three products; non-eyes stinging, water-resistant, SPF 30 for Protect Me. In addition, all FRÉ products are FDA approved and European Union approved.

Are FRÉ products natural?
Our philosophy is to develop products that are as natural as possible, while still delivering results and being highly efficient.

Is FRÉ tested on animals?
Of course not.

Do I need FRÉ if I exercise indoors?
Outdoor conditions like sun and pollution are obviously the central skincare concerns that FRÉ addresses, but regular indoor conditions combined with sweat also require a special skincare routine in order to maintain a clear and radiant complexion. Even when exercising indoors, sweat can foster irritations, break-outs and collagen degeneration due to intensive physical efforts.

Does FRÉ give back to the community?
With every skincare set you buy, FRÉ plants an Argan Tree (know as the "Tree of Life"). Planting Argan trees has a multi-layered impact by creating sustainable development, protecting the environment and empowering women who harvest Argan oil in Morocco.

Is there a fragrance in FRÉ products?
The fragrance of Protect Me, Purify Me, and Revive Me is a synthetic FDA approved fragrance.

Are all FRÉ products natural?
Our philosophy is to develop products that are as natural as possible, while still delivering results and being highly efficient.

Does FRÉ help with eczema?
FRÉ is not a treatment against eczema but has helped many of our customers.

All FRÉ products are very safe, mild, and suitable for breastfeeding mothers. The products can be used for around the nipples. The nipples need to be wiped prior to breastfeeding. Not because the products are toxic, but rather because if a product can reach a baby's digestive system, it has to be food grade.


Can I return my product and be refunded if I am not satisfied?
Yes, you can be 100% refunded if within 30 days after your first order, you are not satisfied. Please contact with any other questions.

How long does it take to process a return?
Credit card refunds take 5-10 business days to appear on your statement once your returned product reaches our fulfillment center.

What should I do if I receive the wrong product?
If you received a product different from the one that you ordered, sorry about that! Please contact us as soon as possible—


When will my credit card be charged?
Your credit card will be charged as soon as your order is accepted and processed.

Can I remove a saved payment method?
Of course! You can make this change on your Account page. If you need help, email us at