"Truth it, I've been using FRÉ Skincare for almost half a year now and I'll never go back to another store brand product."



I am OFTEN asked about my skincare routine; What face-wash do you use? Moisturizer? Facials??? How often? What should I use? What time of day? So I’m breaking it down for ya!

Truth is, I’ve been using @freskincare for almost half a year now and while I never had “bad” skin to begin with, I’ll never go back to another store brand product. If you know anything about me, you know I pride myself on authenticity and would never get behind a product I didn’t truly believe in, use, and love.

@freskincare is not only designed for women, but it’s designed for active women who SWEAT. It’s a 3-step skincare system that is specialized to combat skin damage accelerated from sweat, exercise, sun, etc. • Step 1: Protect Me - a facial moisturizer with 30 SPF that DOESN’T clog your pores or sting your eyes. It hydrating, protects, and moisturizes. *Use before your workout or as a daily moisturizer on days you don’t workout*

Step 2: Purify Me - a hydrating facial cleanser than restores pH balance, unclogs pores, prevents toxins, soothes redness, and hydrates the skin. *Use after your workout and daily on non workout days*

Step 3: Revive Me - a deep replenishing serum enriched with Argan stem cells that helps to regenerate collagen and improve skin elasticity. It works to replenish lost minerals, reduce wrinkles, and promote a natural glow (and I swear by this glow. I have NOTHING but eyeliner on in this picture). *Use it after your workouts and every evening on non workout days*

All products are:

- Vegan (not tested on animals)

- Dermatologist tested

- Hypoallergenic - Non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores)

OH and if you’re still not sold... for every @freskincare set you buy, FRÉ plants a “tree of life” to contribute to the protection of the environment and empower women who harvest the Argan oil in Morocco. •••

The best part? You can use my code “JOELLES” for 25% off all of your @freskincare needs 💙 ANY QUESTIONS???

For 48 hours ONLY - Use code 
JOELLES for 25% OFF at checkout.


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