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Lauren's testimonial

Eliran Milo July 19, 2018

Lauren's testimonial

"After 3 months of incorporating FRÉ into my skincare routine, I couldn't be happier with the results!"



As a professional athlete 🏃🏼‍♀️, sweating is a common part of every day and my sensitive skin has suffered because of it. 
As someone who struggles with a fun combo of cystic acne and super dry skin 😒, I was desperate to find a product to take care of both issues. After trying what seemed like hundreds of different products, I kept running into the same issues 👉🏼 irritation, more breakouts, and/or totally stripping my skin of all it’s moisture leaving it tight and dry. •
FRÉ to the rescue 🙏🏼 After 3 months of incorporating FRÉ into my skincare routine, I couldn’t be happier with the results! I have noticed less breakouts and a healthier glow to my skin, making me feel much more confident about skipping the makeup! Although I still have several acne (battle) scars and get the occasional breakout along my jawline, I am really pleased to have found a skincare combo that has kept my breakouts under control and my skin feeling softer than its ever been!

Step 1️⃣I love using the cleanser when I wake up and after every workout session because it is super gentle and doesn’t dry out my skin! 
Step 2️⃣I then follow up with the daily moisturizer that is SPF 30 and doesn’t sweat off during my training. 
Step 3️⃣Lastly, before I go to sleep, I apply the regenerating serum which helps with wrinkles and slows the aging process due to its unique formula using Argan oil, Argan leaf water extract, and Argan stem cells! •
Not only does FRÉ do wonders for my skin, but it is also a company that values giving back! By supporting @freskincare , you are also fighting deforestation, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and empowering women💪🏼
Three things that I am also very passionate about and one of the main reasons why I became a FRÉ Ambassador!

Get your 123FRÉ set and be a part of the planting of a new Argan Tree of Life! 🌳
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