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Cleanse Your Body Before & After a Workout with FRE’s PURIFY BODY

by Jude Jacob Kayton August 13, 2019

Cleanse Your Body Before & After a Workout with FRE’s PURIFY BODY

Staying active over the summer, and working up a sweat is great for body and soul but can have a negative impact on your skin. It’s important to stay hydrated over the summer, and when it comes to skin this isn’t just about moisturizing creams and serums. Skin has a delicate pH and any disruption to it can leave you breaking out. This is even more likely over the summer when a combination of sweat and heat can lead to dehydrated and dull looking skin. So what’s the solution? A comprehensive skincare routine for skin that sweats.



PURIFY BODY is the body version of our best selling facial cleanser,PURIFY ME. PURIFY BODY works to remove the sweat, grime, pollution and toxins that clog your skin during an active day. The cleanser is ultra hydrating and incredibly gentle to skin, so can be used even by women with sensitive skin. Using PURIFY BODY means your pores stay clear even while you’re breaking a sweat!


Too much exfoliation can irritate skin and cause redness and worse. But not enough exfoliation can leave you with dry and dull looking skin, as well as prone to breakouts. PURIFY BODY strikes the perfect balance by adding a natural exfoliant to a super hydrating cleanser.We chose apricot seed powder as our exfoliation agent because it’s gentle and 100% natural. It works to smooth over rough patches and flaking skin, leaving your body radiant and beautiful.  

If you are active and love to sweat, keeping your skin well exfoliated is extremely important. Your upper body, especially shoulders and back, are prone to breakouts caused by bacteria that can be prevented with gentle exfoliation.




It’s not just moisturizers and serum that keep skin hydrating and glowing. Your cleanser is equally important. Soaps that contain harsh synthetic ingredients like alcohol and SLS can dry out and damage skin. Our cleanser is based onArgania Active Complex, a unique and patented formula which combines argan oil with leaf water and stem cells.Argan oil is traditionally harvested in Morocco and has a huge array of benefits. It helps reduce the signs of aging, balances oily skin, and hydrates even the driest skin skin and hair. Our formula, created in partnership with botanical dermatologist Dr. Sharon Rozenblat, goes one step further to protect and repair skin damage caused by sun and sweat.


Aloe Barbadensis, more commonly known as aloe vera, is a succulent plant with many benefits for all skin types.  Its antimicrobial and anti-itch properties soothe even the most damaged of skin. Aloe vera gel can also help soothe and heal minor burns and sunburns.  In its pure form, aloe can be used to spot treat acne by applying it directly on blemishes. Within PURIFY BODY, aloe vera works to prevent inflammation and UV damage.