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Serums to Reduce Redness

by Jude Jacob December 05, 2022

The Best Serums to Reduce Redness

Serums to Reduce Redness

Facial redness and irritation is annoying, sometimes itchy and painful, and can ruin your look. Trust me, I know, I have been dealing with it for years. After trying tons of serums to reduce redness, I have finally found the two best redness reducing serums, REVIVE ME and C ME! I finally feel like I don’t have to apply coverup everyday to hide the red blotches.   

I know that I am not the only one who suffers from facial redness, so let’s discuss some of the reasons it creeps up on our faces.


Causes of skin redness

Skin redness comes in lots of forms, overall redness, blotchy spots, red patches, etc. There are different forms of skin redness, because there are lots of reasons your skin can turn red. Some common causes are:


  • You have  sensitive skin. Your skin is more likely to react negatively to skincare ingredients and environmental conditions.
  • You have a  sunburn. Your skin was exposed to harmful UV rays without protection.
  • You have  contact dermatitis. Your skin is red, because you came in contact with something that irritates your skin, like soap, or you had an allergic reaction to something, like latex.
  • You are having an  allergic reaction to medication. There always are risks of side effects when taking herbal supplements, over-the-counter medications, or prescription drugs, skin redness being a common symptom.
  • You have  rosacea. This is a skin condition that causes the facial skin to be flushed.

My skin redness issues

I have sensitive skin, so using the wrong detergent or sitting in the smoking section of a bar can turn my skin as red as Elmo. But my real problem areas are at the corners of my mouth and at the bottom of my nose. These areas are almost always red and irritated. It gets worse with stress, and I end up using makeup to cover the blotches. I would much prefer to useserums that help with redness instead of a coverup.

Finding FRÉ and REVIVE ME

My friend, Jude, told me about FRÉ back in 2018. At the time, my kids were little and were not letting me sleep much at night. The lack of sleep was causing my skin’s redness to flare up. I mentioned to Jude that I was unhappy with the state of my skin, and she told me,  “I use FRÉ everyday. Their products are amazing. They have aface serum to reduce redness, REVIVE ME. It really helped with my facial redness. I think it would help you, too.” And since I thought that I had already tried allserums to help with redness under the sun, I tried REVIVE ME.   

Okay, no joke, REVIVE ME is the best redness reducing serum that I have ever tried! It is labeled as suitable for all skin types, but I was worried, as I have sensitive skin. I was afraid that it might make my skin even redder. Not at all! The serum itself is creamy and it makes my skin feel fresh. Within the first week, I could see that my facial redness had reduced. And after using the serum for a few months, my facial redness was almost completely gone. I didn’t need to use makeup to cover any red blotches!

REVIVE ME - Firming Daily Serum


REVIVE ME’s amazing formula

It is no accident that REVIVE ME is so effective. FRÉ’s skincare line is based on science-led formulas to help skin look and perform its best. REVIVE ME contains FRÉ’s patented Argania Active Complex™, which is made up of argan oil, argan stem cells, and argan leaf water extract. This patented formula works synergistically to clear skin and reduce wrinkles. My face is clear and smooth. REVIVE ME also has bisabolol, which reduces redness, and jojoba seed oil, which has anti-inflammatory properties and relieves dry, itchy skin.

How to use REVIVE ME

After washing my face at night, I apply a thin layer of REVIVE ME. My skin quickly absorbs the serum and I go to bed feeling clean and moisturized.

REVIVE ME - Serums to Reduce Redness

Discovering C ME

After Jude introduced me to FRÉ, I was curious about their other products. I visited their website to learn about their skincare line. Recently, FRÉ released C ME, a Vitamin C skin brightening serum that is suitable for all skin types, and I decided to try it. Research shows thatvitamin C reduce redness due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Let me tell you within five days, seriously, I could see a difference in my skin! The serum really reduced the redness in my skin and even made a childhood scar on my chin less noticeable. My skin tone is more even and the texture is smoother.

I was so impressed with the results, I told my sister-in-law, Natalie, about C ME. She often complains about facial redness. She says that it gets worse at certain times of the month. After two weeks of using C ME, she sent me a text, “OMG,C ME has changed my skin! It is the bestface serum for redness. My skin is so clear, people think I am wearing makeup and I’m not!”

C ME - Vitamin C Serum


C ME’s unique formula

C ME contains 10% Vitamin C in the form of Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate. This powerful Vitamin C formula penetrates skin more fully and is absorbed better than other formulas on the market. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that prevents, protects and repairs skin damage caused by free radicals. C ME also contains argan oil, which is rich in vitamins A and E that deeply nourish and hydrate the skin. The serum also has bisabolol, which has anti-inflammatory properties and reduces redness.

The serum has a light gel texture that is waterless and fragrance free. It feels invigorating when I apply it to my skin. My skin absorbs it quickly, leaving my face bright and energized.

C ME - Serums to Reduce Redness


How to use C ME

After washing my face in the morning, I massage four drops of C ME onto my face until it is fully absorbed. Then, I apply a broad spectrum SPF to protect my skin from sunburn.


REVIVE ME costs $55 and C ME costs $85. They are not the cheapest serums on the market, but they are thebest redness reducing serums that I have tried. I think they are worth every penny! According to the online store, one bottle is a 3-month supply, but honestly, my bottles of REVIVE ME usually last me about four months. There is a lot of power and product in those small bottles! Of course, I reorder around the three month mark, because I don’t want to run out of myserums that reduce redness!

To sum up

I, like many other people in the world, suffer from sensitive skin, which leaves my face red and blotchy. Thankfully, I have found FRÉ’s REVIVE ME and C ME serums. I have tried a lot ofserums to reduce redness and they really are the best that I have ever tried. Their argan powered formulas make my face clear and radiant, and I 100% recommend them.