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April 07, 2020


  • I had hormonal cystic acne for years. After taking a hormone blocker for a 9 months, I stopped because my skin was clearer + I wanted to manage my own hormones. BUT, now I had to figure out a 'normal' skincare routine that worked for my skin (very testy and sensitive) + activity level. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL LADIES.
    I have dry skin (like flacking off my face kind of dry). I always have to add and mix Argan oil into my moisturizers so my face doesn't feel like it's peeling off. Have to use 6 different products to get the skin I want.

  • I have fallen in love with @freskincare because it literally solves ALL of the problems above. I have used the 123FRÉ for a month and guess what?
    - It will last another 2 months.  
    - I've not had a single breakout.
    - I've not had to use ANY ADDITIONAL products (I could cry, so could my bank account)
    - And the company is UH-MAZING. They plant an Argan tree for every Set that is sold to empower the women who harves the trees in Morocco (can I meet these women though?)

    If you work out, use this product.
    If you want an all in one package, use this product.
    If you have dry skin, use this product.
    If you like companies that do good things in the world, use this product. 


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