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10 Tips to Sweat Beautiful

by Aaron AD December 07, 2016

10 Tips to Sweat Beautiful

Sweating is a natural healthy process that help your body detoxify. It has a globally positive impact on your skin. However, combined with specific environmental conditions like sun, dryness and pollution, sweat can be damaging for your skin. Another issue that can cause sweat-induced skin damage is your pre and post-workout skincare habits. If you workout with products that clog your pores, if you don't cleanse your skin properly after workout or have a sensitive skin, you may experience facial skin damage. The good news is these 10 tips will prevent most of them.

  1. Wear silky, moisture-wicking fabrics when stepping out to the treadmill. Such attire help in keeping he skin free from sweat and bacteria. A skin sodden in sweat is prone to attacks by acne causing bacteria. Such bacteria can also be dealt a blow by washing the chest and back daily using a mild anti-bacterial soap. This helps deal with breakouts, especially if you are prone to acne.
  2. As part of your preparation for the gym, cleanse makeup, sunscreen and moisturizer you may have applied that particular day. These elements, when allowed to mix with sweat, can be damaging to skin and cause breakouts.
  3. Use a non-comedogenic moisturizer with SPF; make sure it is sweat-resistant and non-eye stinging.
  4. If you prefer to workout with makeup, look for a non comedogenic and sweat-resistant BB cream.
  5. Clean gym equipment before using it to avoid bacteria.
  6. Cleanse your face and gently exfoliate with a moisturizing cleanser.
  7. After workout, your pores are open and it is a good moment to apply a serum that delays the signs of aging.
  8. Prolong your healthy post-workout glow with a glowing serum.
  9. Make sure you drink water during and after workout.
  10. Food impacts your skin complexion. Make sure your nutrition serves your skincare regimen.
And don't forget to #loveyoursweat #loveyourskin!

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