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3 Top Tips for Your Pre Workout Nutrition

by Tal Carmel September 16, 2018

3 Top Tips for Your Pre Workout Nutrition

With everyone in pursuit of the “perfect beach body” and hitting the gym like crazy, we wanted to make sure you don’t turn a proper pre-workout meal into Public Enemy #1. In order to ensure you’re fueling your body properly, before lifting all of the barbells, kettle-bells, and other heavy stuff, or running till your legs fall off, we’ve listed out 3 quick tips on pre-workout meals to help keep you in peak health. That’s right, three simple nuggets of knowledge to help you keep yourself in check and make sure the only things you’re burning off are calories. So whether you’re one of those people who can eat a huge 7-course meal right before hitting the gym, or you’re like me and can’t even think about food at least an hour before, it’s important to take care of yourself and to remember tofeed your body properly!

  • Timing
  • As with all things in life, timing your pre-workout meal is crucial. Depending on when you can eat your meal before a workout determines what you should eat. Pre-workout meals can be eaten three hours to 30 minutes before a workout.However, if your workout starts in one hour or less, be sure to choose foods that are easy to digest. This will help you avoid stomach discomfort. So, the more time you give your body to digest the heavier your pre-workout meal can be, and remember to lighten your meal, or snack, as you get closer to your workout.

  • C.P.F
  • Carbs, Proteins, and Fats. Yes, you read that right, a proper pre-workout meal isone rounded out with macronutrients, which includes both the ever demonized carbohydrates and fats. However, as with most things, keeping yourselfwell informed and educated will ease your mind and show you that carbs and fats are in fact, not inherently bad, and, on the contrary, should be part of your daily diet.


  • Hydration
  • As always, hydration is key!Always start exercise well hydrated; this will lower therisk of becoming dehydrated during sport. Keep in mind ‘well-hydrated’ does NOT mean over-hydrated, guzzling water like a fish will do nothing more than cause your bladder to have a workout of its own. Not to mention, there’s nothing more annoying than have to stop in the middle of a set to use the restroom.

    There you go, three fast tips for your pre-workout meal to help keep you in peak performance, no matter the workout. If you want to learn more, or have a specific question or an area that interests you, leave us a comment!  

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