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A Brand with a Mission: FRÉ’s 2021 Environmental & Social Impact Report

by Jude Jacob January 02, 2022

A Brand with a Mission: FRÉ’s 2021 Environmental & Social Impact Report


FRÉ was born with a passion to create excellent skincare products for an active lifestyle and be a brand that drives social change.We are committed to growing FRÉ, as a force for good. Our mission has always been to lead change around two issues that we consider to be the calling of our generation: protecting our planet and empowering women. 

We believe in female leadership, and today women lead the environmental movement. We believe women are a driving force for progress and that strong women move humanity forward. When women are strong, the world is strong. When women rise, societies rise with them. In order to ensure that women will continue to grow strong in society, we believe in empowering the next generation of women. Today’s girls will become tomorrow’s leaders.




With every skincare set you buy, FRÉ plants an argan “Tree of Life” in Morocco. Planting trees has a multilayered impact by creating sustainable development, protecting the environment and empowering the women who harvest argan oil. Thanks to you, and to our incredible partners at the  High Atlas Foundation, we plant 1,000 times more trees than we use. Since the birth of FRÉ, we have planted a total of  63,000 argan trees in Morocco. In 2021, we are proud to have planted  30,000 trees.

"Since the birth of FRÉ, we have planted a total of 63,000 argan trees in Morocco." 

With every purchase, customers not only enjoy great skincare products, but also support women working to harvest argan in Morocco. The FRÉ skincare line is based on argan oil. For every liter of argan oil produced, a women’s collective in Morocco picked about 40 kilograms (88 lbs.) of argan fruit. Then, they extracted the nuts from within the fruit. Next, they shelled the nuts to reach the argan kernels. The women finally ground the kernels to release the oil. FRÉ works directly with these collectives in order to buy high quality argan oil and provide these dedicated women with a livelihood.    


We are a member of the 1% for the planet network. 1% for the Planet represents a global network of businesses, individuals and nonprofit organizations tackling our planet's most pressing environmental issues.We donate 1% of all our sales to protect the planet. All members of this network are held accountable and must be transparent about their donations to environmental causes. This is a network based on concrete actions.


Over the summer of 2021, we renewed all of our packaging and upgraded to more sustainable materials. Our new packaging includes glass, recycled plastic and sugarcane. The PURIFY ME bottle has been switched from regular plastic to 75% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic, plus we reduced the amount of plastic used in the lid. The REVIVE ME bottle has been changed from regular plastic to 75% PCR plastic. The DETOX ME container is now 100% PCR plastic. Additionally, all the tubes (PROTECT ME, GLOW ME, PURIFY BODY) have been switched from regular plastic to 50% sugarcane. The “I AM” line co-created with Global Yoga Instructor Talia Sutra, uses 100% natural ingredients and 100% eco-friendly packaging. We have not yet reached our goal of 100% sustainability, but we are powerfully moving towards it.

"We renewed all of our packaging and upgraded to more sustainable materials." 



We partner with  Girls on the Run®, a nonprofit organization that teaches girls across the United States and Canada about healthy behaviors and social-emotional strategies in order to promote  growth, empowerment and  development. In addition to donating a percentage of our sales over the year, we held a virtual run with Girls on the Run® at the end of March 2021.


FRÉ began volunteering with the nonprofit  Bo’atot this spring. This organization runs soccer teams for girls, combining empowerment and educational activities that focus on self-confidence, self-esteem, body image, and sense of belonging. The teams are established in schools and community centers throughout Israel and bring together girls from Jewish and Arab backgrounds. The girls benefit from professional soccer training as well as social-enrichment programming. In addition, the girls learn about sportsmanship and healthy competition by participating in regional and national tournaments. FRÉ is proud to sponsor a Bo’atot soccer team. 

FRÉ is proud to sponsor a Bo’atot soccer team. 

In addition to sponsoring the team, FRÉ is helping Bo’atot develop its strategy, marketing, and community building efforts. This year FRÉ has given a value of $27,000 in skills training to the nonprofit. We also have donated $6500 in monetary support as well as $3500 worth of products. As for future projections, the project will help raise an additional 250,000 NIS next year, a 71% increase in comparison to Bo’atot’s current revenues of 350,000 NIS. Additionally, the project will help support 12 additional teams, consisting of another 210 girls next year, a 48% increase to Bo’atot’s current size of 25 teams, totaling 437 girls. 



We are powered by the strong and fierce community of female Ambassadors who work hard to make our world a better place. We are proud to give a percentage of our sales to causes that our Ambassadors and staff care deeply about, focusing on women’s empowerment and protecting our environment. 

We have donated to:  Still I Run,  Run to Believe virtual run for the Believe KNT Foundation,  National Breast Cancer Foundation,t he Swan Dreams Project,  The Body Positive,  Gvahim,  Fractured Atlas,  Boston Children’s Hospital,  Every Mother Counts,  Beit Issie Shapiro,  Team Type 1 Foundation,  Julius Hill CHF Foundation,  Jordan Porco Foundation,  Athletes Serving Athletes,  Boston Athletic Association Charity Team,  One Tree Planted,  Orr Shalom,  No Kid Hungry,  NATAL, and the  Arbor Day Foundation.


We support Ambassador Kristen Garzone throughout the year and during her annual race,  Run to Believe. This race raises money forKristen’s Believe KNT Foundation, which raises awareness about postpartum depression and works to make postpartum mental health care available to all mothers across the United States. We also support Kristen and her work with  Every Mother Counts, which is dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for all mothers around the globe.  


In conjunction with Ambassador Yaara Benbenishty, we support  Orr Shalom. This non profit organization provides foster care to children who were removed from their homes by the Israeli welfare authorities due to unsafe home environments. The program provides foster families and therapeutic group homes to over 1,400 babies, children and youth as well as support and guidance to 350 young adults who have graduated into mainstream life.


Inspired by Sasha Wolff, we contribute to  Still I Run. Still I Run is a community of runners and mental health warriors founded by Sasha Wolff. Their mission is to promote the benefits of running for mental health, and, through collective stories, defeat the stigma around mental illness. In October, US national depression and mental health screening month, we donated a percentage of sales to Still I Run.


Our approach of change is very practical; we focus on a series of concrete actions that as a whole create a meaningful collective impact: 

  1. Our Ambassador Community raises awareness for social and environmental issues. All together, our ambassadors reach more than 10 million people. This reach has a huge impact on others. 
  2. We donate to projects and causes. 
  3. Our staff and our ambassadors volunteer with nonprofits. 
  4. Sustainability is a core focus for us, and this means being conscious of how we source our ingredients and what materials are used to package our products. 
  5. Our customers are an integral part of our impact, since they make our One Set, One Tree program possible. 

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