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Katrina Surd - Spinning and Sparkling

by Tal Carmel February 13, 2018

Katrina Surd - Spinning and Sparkling

Katrina Surdi, of Seattle, Washington, has turned her love of health and fitness into an Instagram community and a successful run as a SPIN instructor. She has taken a few minutes to tell all of us at FRÉ about her fitness journey.

Why do you like to sweat?

Why do I love to sweat? I like to sweat because it makes me feel fierce, it makes me feel strong. I love that adrenaline rush.

How did your fitness career begin, and how are you involved in the amazing Tone It Up community?

My fitness career began a couple years ago. I got into SPIN. My husband got me a pass for the community center, for unlimited SPINning. So I would go three times a week for about two years, and I was obsessed with it.

And from there, I discovered Tone It Up, even began to do instructing, and that was where everything really took off for me, because I learned so much about myself, and other people, and how the body moves, and I feel inspired when I get to inspire others and motivate others to work out. Since joining Tone It Up four years ago, I have grown a community within the Tone It Up community and the fitness community, on Instagram. I’m able to connect with so many different women who want to be healthy.

"I love being a part of something where women can empower each other."

Why are you passionate about what you do?

I’m passionate about fitness because it reaches so many different people from all over the world. You can have so many differences in a group of women and fitness can bring us all together, and I think that’s a beautiful thing. I love being a part of something where women can empower each other.

That’s one reason why I really love FRÉ skincare, because they are in that kind of realm of action of making women feel empowered and strong, and we are worth it.

What has inspired you in your life?

A lot of my inspiration has come from my family. My husband and I will have been married for 7 years this August, and we've been together for 9 years. We met by fate, just by the crazy ways of life... and we instantly fell in love. He’s been my rock and support from the beginning and he is the one who gently pushed me into the fitness world. He is my biggest fan, and love him for it.

I was most attracted to him because of his gentle and kind demeanor. He is smart and thoughtful, and exactly the person I wanted to be with. I didn’t see his wheelchair as an obstacle, like some people may think or had thought. I just saw him for he is. And I feel like that’s important because everyone deserves to be seen. Not for their looks but for what their heart is like, and for who they truly are.

We also have custody of my teenage niece and nephew, and have for the last 5 years. Their mom, my sister, passed away suddenly 13 years ago. Their dad wasn't really in the picture, and wasn’t a fit parent to care for them after my sister’s passing. They were being raised in an unfit home until my husband and I took them in. 

Are you in involved in any social or environmental causes?

I’m not directly affiliated with any social or environment causes, but I love supporting companies who do support other causes. I really love the fact that FRÉ skincare wants to plant Argan trees, because they do use the Argan oil in their products and I love the fact they’re giving back to the environment and on top of that, giving women in Morocco jobs, and I feel that that’s a huge deal. I love that – they give back to what they use.

"Do challenges together, text each other, check in on Instagram with each other, and keep yourself accountable by keeping others accountable."

Share any inspirational tips about health, wellness, fitness, beauty that really help you!

If I could share any inspirational tips about health, wellness, or beauty, it would just be to not be hard on yourself, and to enjoy the journey. To let yourself know that this is a journey. You shouldn’t expect to get results and reach your goals right away. It takes time, it takes hard work.

One of my biggest tips for fitness is have an accountability partner or team, and be able to check in with them, have them check in with you. Do challenges together, text each other, check in on Instagram with each other, and keep yourself accountable by keeping others accountable. It makes it more fun, because sometimes working out is not fun. It’s a lot easier to reach your goals when you have a community of people rooting for you.

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