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MEET FRÉ BODY: The first full-body solution for women who work out

by Talia Blank June 06, 2019

MEET FRÉ BODY: The first full-body solution for women who work out


Fact: Active Bodies Need Extra Protection

Working out has many health benefits for your body and even plenty for your skin. Sweating is a natural process, which releases the toxins from your body and cools you down when you're getting overheated. But behind every good sweat, is a successful workout and unfortunately, exercising regularly, especially outdoors, can take its toll on your skin.

The combination of sweat, sun, and exercise can cause body acne, breakouts, inflammation, dehydration, premature aging, and UV damage. In fact, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, this combination can increase the photosensitivity of skin, leaving athletes at an increased risk of skin cancer. 



Don't sweat it... we have the solution! 

Because active skin is particularly prone to daily aggression, it requires a customized skincare routine to prevent irreversible skin damage. Skincare extends further than just facial skin and with summer just around the corner, it is particularly important to use the right skin protection all over your body, before, during and after your outdoor workouts. Enter, FRÉ BODY!


FRÉ BODY: The body resilience set for women who work out

FRÉ BODYis the first comprehensive skincare set for your body, specially formulated for active skin. Using our patent- pending Argania Active Complex ©, it is specially formulated for skin that sweats and is prone to daily aggressions.

FRÉ BODY prevents and treats body acne, dark spots, sun damage, skin inflammation and the signs of aging. These three must-have's help to protect your body's skin before, during and after your workouts, promoting a natural and healthy glow from head to toe.

FRÉ BODY is 100% vegan and cruelty- free. It is dermatologist tested and is suitable for all skin tints and skin types. It is paraben-free, PEG-free and contains no toxic chemical ingredients. Its formulas are lightweight and won’t clog pores.

So what's inside..?

1. PROTECT BODY: Defence Moisturizer Lotion with SPF30 (5.07 fl. Oz /150 ml)

When you exercise, your skin can become dehydrated, due to a loss of water through evaporation. Dehydrated skin can increase surface lines and also lead to a build-up of dead skin cells, which clogs your pores. Therefore, it is important to go into your workouts fully protected and hydrated, by using a lightweight moisturizer, which won't clog your pores and encourage breakouts. If you are exercising outdoors, you will need a moisturizer with at least an SPF30, to shield your skin from the immediate and long-term effects of sun damage. 

PROTECT BODY is a unique moisturizer that gives your skin deep hydration and prevents sweat-induced breakouts. It is also formulated to shield your skin from UVA, UVB, and IRA rays. The combination of our Argania Active Complex © and Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice also rejuvenates aged tissues and has anti-inflammatory effects on your skin, keeping down any rashes or irritations you might develop. 

Its hypoallergenic formula is non-comedogenic (won't clog your pores), water resistant up to 80 min and is fast absorbing. It has an ultra-light texture, giving you the perfect coverage and protection for your workout.

Apply PROTECT BODY liberally all over body 15 minutes before sun exposure, reapplying every 2 hours.


2. PURIFY BODY: Clarifying Body Cleanser (8.45 fl. Oz / 250 ml)

It’s what you do after your workout is complete that can make the difference between clear and clogged skin. For athletes or indeed anyone who works out, it is especially important to exfoliate and cleanse to detoxify the oils, toxins, and sweat from your skin that builds up in your skin during workouts.

PURIFY BODY does just this. Say goodbye to post-sweat body acne and breakouts, with this mild, clarifying cleanser. It is formulated to remove any layers of dry, damaged or flaking skin while keeping your pores clear and improving blood circulation. It contains Argania Active Complex © and Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, which has anti-inflammatory effects and protects skin from UV damage. It also contains Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) seed powder, a natural exfoliant to provide a refreshing sensual experience, leaving you with the glowing and radiant complexion your body deserves.

Wet skin in bath or shower. Apply PURIFY BODY directly to your hands or a washcloth and gently massage in upwards circular motions over the body. Rinse off.

3. GLOW BODY: Nourishing Dry Oil (4.05 fl. Oz / 120 ml)

While your body and muscles rest after your workout, your skin deserves some TLC too! Dry body oil is faster absorbing and more lightweight than traditional lotions and creams, making it the best way to give your skin an extra nourishing boost post-workout, particularly in the summer months. 

GLOW BODY is a radiant dry body oil and the perfect way to relieve your sore muscles after strenuous activity, while also restoring your skin post-workout. Its magic is based on the synergy of five luxurious botanical oils: Meadowfoam Seed oil, which is infused with antioxidants, which partner with damaging compounds so your skin doesn’t partner with them. They also improve your skin's elasticity and suppleness. Avocado oil and Jojoba Seed oil deeply hydrate your skin to replenish any moisture that is lost during workouts, while the Crambe Abyssinica Seed Oil has regenerative properties, reducing wrinkles, giving your skin the smooth, soft feel it deserves. Finally, it is formulated with Argan oil to add luster to your skin, giving you a more youthful appearance and a healthy and natural glow.

After showering, spritz GLOW BODY generously over the body, hands, and feet. Massage well into skin using circular motions.



FRÉ BODY is the essential first step to achieving a firm, youthful-looking body. Together with the 123FRÉ SET, you can continue to live your active lifestyle with confidence, knowing that your whole body is protected while you work out, and all day.


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