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Active Lifestyle, Youthful Glow: You Can Have Both

by Aaron AD July 27, 2017

Active Lifestyle, Youthful Glow: You Can Have Both

What is skin resilience? Essentially it is the capacity of your skin to resist and recover quickly from intense stress while staying healthy and radiant. As we get older, a combination of fluctuating hormones and decades of skin damage begin to wreak havoc on our faces and prevent our skin from bouncing back after stress. There are two types of factors that cause skin to age: extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic are external factors like sun, diet, stress and more (much of which we can control) while intrinsic factors are related to hormone production and the natural processes of aging. By building up our skin’s resilience through the right skincare products and a healthy lifestyle, we can help protect ourselves against the signs of aging.

Reduced estrogen leads to dull lifeless skin

When it comes to intrinsic aging, a big part of the process is down to the hormone estrogen. According to the Dermal Institute, a reduction in estrogen as we age can affect skin thickness, wrinkle formation and skin moisture. Estrogens can increase glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), such as Hyaluronic Acid, to maintain fluid balance and structural integrity. They can also increase collagen production in the skin, where they maintain epidermal thickness and allow skin to remain plump, hydrated and wrinkle-free. With less estrogen our skin becomes drier and simply retains less moisture. Its capacity to resist and recover quickly from intense stress is reduced.


Sweat and sun combine to cause premature aging

On the extrinsic side of aging, factors like alcohol, smoking, sun and exercise play a big factor in terms of how quickly our skin ages and how long we hang onto a youthful glow. Sun damage causes our skin to lose key minerals and vitamins, to break out, display signs of hyperpigmentation, as well as irritation, redness and itchy uncomfortable skin. When we exercise outdoors a lot of this damage is exacerbated. When we sweat, our sweat increases the photosensitivity of our skin making the sun’s damage even more intense and accelerating the aging process. Exercise also causes the degeneration of collagen, which leads to elasticity loss and ultimately dry and dull looking skin.

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Protect against aging by building up skin resilience

Although we can’t stop the natural aging process of skin, we can protect ourselves from extrinsic aging factors and use a skincare regime to promote resilient skin so that our skin is better able to handle exercise, sweat, intense stress and sun – and still bounce back to leave us with a glowing youthful complexion.

Building skin resilience begins by protecting skin. So, before you step out into the sun for that run, swim or jog – protect your skin with a robust broad spectrum SPF moisturizer. It’s important to choose one that covers UVA, UVB and IRA damage. While UVB alone is responsible for sunburns, UVA and IRA lead to long-term skin damage. Choose a moisturizer rather than a regular SPF for an added shot of hydration that will help build up a strong skin barrier and prevent dehydration through sweat and sun exposure. Next, it’s important to choose a high-quality moisturizing cleanser to wipe away the sweat and grime that collects on your skin while you work out. Make sure to choose a product that doesn’t include harmful drying chemicals like SLS and parabens. The last step to build up skin resilience is to choose an incredible moisturizing serum. Nourishing skin after an intense workout can actually repair the skin damage caused by sweat and sun and reduce the signs of aging.

Build skin resilience with Argan

FRÉ’s unique solution to the aging affects faced by skin during a sweaty workout is Argan. FRÉ created Argania Active Complex©, which combines Argan stem cells and leaf-water with Argan oil. It takes traditional Argan oil’s healing properties one-step further to build up your skin’s resilience. The central part of the formula is Argan stem cells. Stem cells taken from the desert Argan tree have demonstrated a protecting and nourishing effect on dermal cells and are capable of deeply rejuvenating skin. Argan essentially helps replenish and repair dermal cells to leave your skin feeling as strong and resilient as you do.

FRÉ’s 3-step beauty regime has everything your skin needs to build up skin resilience. Beginning with a moisturizing SPF cream (PROTECT ME), and washing off grime and sweat with a vegan moisturizing cleanser (PURIFY ME), FRÉ’s simple 3-step process ends with a moisturizing serum packed with Argan stem cells to deeply rejuvenate skin (REVIVE ME). To really benefit from this skincare solution, it is important to use all 3 products at least twice daily. You should start to see results after a month (since it takes about a month for your skin to regenerate and fully benefit from new products).




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