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All About Hair Repair Serum

by Jude Jacob February 19, 2023

All About Hair Repair Serum

 Meet Co-Creator Ashley Galvin, a FRÉ Ambassador, Yogi & Former Hairstylist Creating a Revolution in Clean Hair Care

About Ashley:  Ashley Galvin is a yoga instructor, currently living in Southern California. She is known around the world for her strength, flexibility and a unique teaching approach that is both inspiring and empowering. Ashley spent her childhood between the beaches and mountains of California. Wanting to further her healthy and active lifestyle, Ashley stumbled into her first yoga class in 2009, where she fell in love with the practice the moment she stepped on the mat. Prior to her life as a yogi, Ashley was a hairdresser and hair stylist for 13 years. She is passionate about clean beauty.

Why create Hair Repair Serum with FRÉ?

I always loved my hair, but after I gave birth to my daughter, I experienced hair loss and damage. On top of that, I had a stylist break off 8 inches of my hair. I tried different products and some made my hair look healthy for a while but none were really treating it, and ultimately, all the products were making it worse. My goal was to heal and repair my hair and have it look and be healthy again.

While this was happening, I was unhappy with all the hair products I had, and, one night, I had a dream that I was in the shower using a new hair repair product and it was from FRÉ! I told Mickael, Co-Founder of FRÉ, and he knew that I had previously been a hairdresser so this is where Hair Repair Serum started!

What makes this product unique?

Hair Repair Serum is unique in many different ways. We have been working on it for more than 2 years. All the ingredients are EWG 1-3, which means it’s clean and good for your hair and the environment. It has all the bond repair abilities of the top serums on the market but without all the nasty chemicals. It has an amazing blend of Moroccan argan oil and six other powerful natural oils to treat and repair hair from the inside out.

"It has an amazing blend of Moroccan argan oil and six other powerful natural oils to treat and repair hair from the inside out."

What was the development of the hair serum like?

I was a stylist in the past, but not a formulator, so a lot of the process involved spending time researching different oils and nuts and thinking about what would add moisture and what would protect hair from the sun. I wanted a formula that was anti-microbial for after a sweaty gym session. Once I had a clear idea of what I wanted, I met with FRÉ’s formulator who put together an initial serum. I tested it with friends and reported back on what we liked and what we didn’t like. We went through a lot of feedback and about 8 different iterations of the formula. 

Why is clean hair care so important to you?

It's important for me to take care of the environment I love. That’s why Hair Repair Serum comes in a glass bottle and eco-friendly packaging. After I gave birth to my daughter, I became very aware of the products I was using on my skin and hair. I wanted to use clean ingredients rather than having toxic ones that masked the problem. This is the first time I’ve had a clean hair serum that I love!

"After I gave birth to my daughter, I became very aware of the products I was using on my skin and hair."

Tell us all about the “sun-kissed laguna beach scent”

The first thing people do with a hair product is open the lid and smell it—most people care more about this than the product itself. I wanted a scent that was light and natural, but not like a citronella candle! I love the scent we formulated; it’s really clean and light, so it's not overpowering at all. I can only smell it when I apply the product—the scent doesn’t stay in my hair. 

What’s your dream for this hair serum?

I want to get it in the hands of as many people as I can. I think it will sell itself. Everyone who has tested it has loved it, no matter their hair type or texture. Hair grows a half inch a month so it does take time to see an improvement, but it is so worth it. I’d also like to see Hair Repair Serum in department stores and in real life. I want to change the way people look at hair care. 

Tell us about your work as a hairdresser and hair stylist

I started right after high school and went to hair school at 18. Then in my early 30s, I transitioned to yoga. I’ve worked on thousands of different heads of hair. Everyone is unique, but most people have the same concerns: people want to look their best, including their hair, but are pushed for time. They want something that works well and quickly.

What’s your philosophy on beauty?

I believe beauty comes from the inside. It must start from within with self-love and self-acceptance. But at the same time, it's natural that we want to look our best. I grew up with a very beauty conscious mom and I became a hairstylist. Even teaching yoga via a camera is very focused on outward beauty. 

How did you first connect with FRÉ?

I heard about FRÉ from Talia Sutra, Yogi and Co-Creator of the I Am 100% natural skincare line. We met at a photoshoot for  alo that we did together, and we clicked right from the start. She lives in Israel, so I don’t see her very often, but she gave me a bottle of I AM LOVE. I love the product! Everything about it is beautiful. I put the affirmation on my bathroom mirror. 

What do you love most about the brand? 

I love FRÉ, because it merges two things that are super important to me: skincare and an active life. As a yogi and former hairstylist, I work out on camera and sweat with a full face of makeup. When I film, my makeup artist puts on heavy makeup. But the FRÉ creams work—I don’t have breakouts or clogged pores. I also love that FRÉ gives back by planting argan trees. Not only do these new trees prevent deforestation, but they empower the women who harvest argan. I love how FRÉ is so women-focused.  

"I love FRÉ, because it merges two things that are super important to me: skincare and an active life."

How do you use Hair Repair Serum?

Every morning, I put some Hair Repair Serum on my hands and I massage my dry hair with the serum, starting at ear-level and working my way down. I work from the thickest part of my hair to the thinnest. Also, after the gym, I repeat this process to refresh my hair. Sometimes, I’ll apply an extra dose at the end of the day to give my hair a deep treatment. But you can apply the serum in lots of ways. I’d like to see how others use it!

Even if you have super dry or chemically treated hair, your hair will absorb the serum. You just have to start with a smaller amount of the serum and slowly build up.

What is your haircare routine?

I don’t wash my hair every day, because I have dry hair. I wash it every two to three days, depending if I have been doing hot yoga. When I wash my hair, the process is: wash, condition, dry. After I towel dry my hair, I brush it out and then I apply about a quarter-coin-sized amount of Hair Repair Serum. I massage my hair with the serum from the level of my ear and work my way down. I start at the back of my head, where my hair is the thickest and then work my way to the sides. After applying the serum, I do my hair in two French braids and let it air dry. 

On days that I don’t wash my hair, I still use Hair Repair Serum. Sometimes, I use some dry shampoo at my roots for some lift. On days I don’t wash, I put the serum on my hands and massage it through my hair. I use less serum when my hair is dry, about half the amount. Then, I style my hair with a curling or flat iron. 

Right now, I don’t have a favorite clean conditioner or shampoo that I use, but I would love to make some!

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