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Meet Victoria Gibbs, Yoggi, Fitness Lover & FRÉ Ambassador

by Jude Jacob Kayton March 26, 2019

Meet Victoria Gibbs, Yoggi, Fitness Lover & FRÉ Ambassador

Victoria Gibbs, @whatgibbs

We believe 2019 is a beauty revolution! To celebrate, this month we challenged you to define what beauty means to you. We had some amazing women share their thoughts. It was hard to choose but, in the end, our favorite was from Victoria Gibbs who won the challenge!

Thank you, Victoria, for being a part of the FRÉ community and helping us continue to rethink what beauty means :)

Meet Victoria: “Hey everyone, I’m Victoria! I’m a yogi, and a lover of fitness, fashion, travel, and everything wellness. I pride myself on clean eating, healthy living, and of course, yoga, which has been a key part of finding balance and happiness within my life.


I started my yoga journey six years ago and it has been the most rewarding experience. I’ve learned so much about myself and my body during that time and what is so great, is that it’s an evolving journey.

On a personal note, two years ago I was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease Lupus Nephritis. It’s been challenging at times and filled with changes but I haven’t allowed it define me or slow me down. Instead, I have used it to better myself and give back to the lupus community. I have now become an ambassador and an advocate and speak very openly about this disease.

In my day-to-day life I hold down a job working for a hedge fund, modeling, spending time with family and close friends, practicing yoga of course, finding ways to stay true to myself.”


It’s been so much fun for me to highlight on my story a line of products that I’ve incorporated into my daily routine from @freskincare. I love this skincare brand because it’s made for women who work out! Even more exciting is the work that @freskincare is doing to empower women.

And here’s what she had to say about beauty:

As we all know, standards of beauty are changing. Body and skin positivity have reached new heights and it makes me happy to be part of a movement that empowers women.

For me, what’s most beautiful is accepting one's self completely. Accepting myself and finding beauty in my “flaws” has been an ongoing journey. I wake up every day, look in the mirror, and compliment myself in some form or fashion. It might sound silly but those positive affirmations are everything and really go a long way when it comes to building and maintaining confidence in ourselves. Let's celebrate this movement and continue to support its growth.

Thank you, Victoria! We are looking forward to an awesome year of beauty and authenticity.


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