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Annie Miller’s 5 Top Tips For a Happier, Healthier, Life

by Tal Carmel April 08, 2018

Annie Miller’s 5 Top Tips For a Happier, Healthier, Life

AGE: 28
OCCUPATION: Founder of FitDesignByAnnie, Online Health and Fitness Coach

Annie is an online coach for women looking to change their lives through a healthy, and educated, approach to fitness. She loves to create content and fitness programs, and as someone who faced her fair share of adversities growing up (be it vitiligo, legal blindness in one eye, or clubfeet as an infant) she is a wealth of information, coupled with an extremely positive outlook on life. So who better, than someone who has overcome so many personal setbacks, to provide us with tips for a better life?

Here are Annie’s Top 5 Tips for leading a healthy and happy life:

1. Journaling: Weekly or nightly journaling is a great way to keep your perspective in check, by re-affirming even just three small things that happened to you in each journal entry, you can keep your outlook positive by reminding yourself to focus on the good things in life, no matter how small. For more information on the benefits of journaling click here.

2. Focus on performance rather than image: Once again this comes down to perspective, when you stop focusing on how your arms look, and start concentrating on how much better your body feels, you begin to see yourself in a new light. The small things that once used to bother you will start to disappear when you realize how much stronger you’re getting, even if your physical appearance doesn’t change. If you’re interested to learn more about the impact of self-objectifying check out this article by PsychologyToday.

3. Get sleep! Get your 8-10 hours of sleep every night, granted some people need less, others need more, but the point remains: sleep the amount you need. Sleep is the foundation on which your body functions, so it only makes sense that you’ll run at full capacity if you’ve properly rested. When you’re tired and groggy, you won’t be able to function at peak performance, and will feel all around worse for it. If it’s been said once, it’s been said a hundred times: sleep is vital to overall health, both inside and out. Don’t believe us? Here are 9 benefits to getting more sleep.

4. Surround yourself with like-minded women: It’s so important to have strong and like-minded people around you, helping to build you up. In today’s society we finally have a movement where women are helping each other, rather than breaking each other, and it’s important. And Amazing. Even Forbes agrees that surrounding yourself with the right people can, and will, improve your life.

5. Keep tabs on yourself: In a world filled with carefully crafted social media pages, and filtered photos, it’s so easy to get lost in what is real and what is crafted. That’s why it’s so important to remember to take a step back every so often and just check yourself. Remind yourself that these perfectly curated Instagram photos are just that: curated. They are staged, the lighting is perfect, and the stomach is sucked in, but it’s not “real life” and it’s not the normal everyday. The thief of joy is comparison. So even if you’re comparing yourself to you, take a step back and re-focus.

There you have it, 5 tips from a woman who has gone through some of the worst of it and come out on the other side stronger, and happier, than ever. If you want to learn more on the importance of mind over matter, then check out what our ambassador Joelle has to say on the importance of Mental Health click here!

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