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Annie Miller’s 5 Top Tips For The Newly Active Woman

by Tal Carmel April 08, 2018

Annie Miller’s 5 Top Tips For The Newly Active Woman

AGE: 28
OCCUPATION: Founder of FitDesignByAnnie, Online Health and Fitness Coach

Annie is an online coach for women looking to change their lives through a healthy, and educated, approach to fitness. She loves to create content and fitness programs, and as someone who faced her fair share of adversities growing up (be it Vitiligo, legal blindness in one eye, or clubfeet as an infant) she is a wealth of information, coupled with an extremely positive outlook on life. Plus, who better to help instruct women, than a woman?

1. Be patient.
Women want results NOW. We all do. But if you can start out with a long term perspective, you'll experience more joy, and less stress. Because when you focus on the process rather than than the end result, you’ll be able to enjoy your progress more, and appreciate it in a different way. Fitness Health seconds the virtue of patience and gives even more tips to follow.

2. Focus on the process.
The end goal can tend to be the only thing on women's minds when trying to make a change with their health and fitness. Like tip #1, this is not a race but a journey. If you're always thinking about the mountain peak, you're missing the stream, the trees, the events that make getting to the mountaintop possible. Learn to love the process and appreciate the process, and when you get to the end goal, you'll have a greater appreciation for HOW you got there. Focusing on the process even goes beyond the realm of physical fitness, to read more on why people who focus on the process gain better results click here.

3. Straight up, skinny won't make you happy.
Focus on performance goals and how you feel. If you're always focused on trying to "fix" something about your body, you'll never be happy. Reaching that goal of a six pack or no fat on your arms WILL NOT make you happy. You'll get there and still be unsatisfied and insecure. If you focus on how you feel, getting stronger, or faster, or whatever it is you choose, you won't care about those things, and if you happen to get a six pack, it will be a bi-product rather than what defines you. Read moreon the skinny vs healthy debate by checking out what the Huffington post wrote on it.

4. Have a plan.
If you have a plan it makes part of the workout mindless. You don't need to worry about what anyone else thinks or what you should be doing because you already know. This also helps you focus and appreciate the process. You can track and see your improvements through whatever type of training you choose to do. For more information on fitness programs and their importance check out this article by theAthlete.com

5. Have accountability.
Whether it be a trainer, or a workout partner. This can be HUGELY important when just starting out. You'll eventually be accountable for yourself and you won't need that external accountability. But when starting out, it can be both comforting, motivating, and encouraging, to have another human by your side. If you’re interested to learn more on why accountability is critical for achieving winning results, then read what Forbes had to say.

6. Bonus Tip:
Most of all, focus on learning your body and mind. I encourage all of my followers and clients to listen to their bodies. That's where the real freedom and joy is at. Fitness and health is so much more than flat stomachs and toned arms. Do something you love, be patient, focus on the process, have a plan and accountability and enjoy the ride. Learning your body is empowering. That's what I'm all about.”

If you enjoyed this article and want to learn more about listening to your bodies needs, then check out this amazing article about our ambassador Alexandra, and learn about the importance of eating a proper and healthy diet.

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