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Anti-Aging Myth Busting

by Jude Jacob March 31, 2021

Anti-Aging Myth Busting

Myth 1: I don’t need to start an anti-aging routine till I see wrinkles

According to dermatologists, skincare anti-aging routines should ideally start when we are around 25 years old and before dark spots and wrinkles appear. This is the time when skin firmness will start to diminish as a result of oxidative damage and a decrease in hyaluronic acid,

But if you haven’t started your anti-aging routine by age 25, don’t stress - starting after that is good too! While we can't prevent our skin from aging, we can delay skin aging by choosing the correct skincare routine. The main goal here is to have HEALTHY SKIN, and to feel comfortable with your skin’s texture and appearance. 

Skin naturally becomes thinner and  drier as we get older. But external factors like sun damage, hydration, and sleep can speed up this process. A good skincare routine is essential to slow down the process of aging and help reduce the signs of wrinkles and lines.


"While we can't prevent our skin from aging, we can delay skin aging by choosing the correct skincare routine."


Myth 2: I can quickly fix my skincare routines with specific products

Following a skincare routine briefly won’t make a difference, and there is no quick fix for the signs of aging. If we want to see results, we should be consistent with our routine, following all the basic steps. If we don’t use the right products we won’t see an impact.

Myth 3: Drinking lots of water is enough to hydrate my skin

Part of our skin’s hydration comes from the water you drink, but on it’s own it's not enough. We must also hydrate and moisturize from outside. This is super important in every skincare routine, and especially so when it comes to an anti-aging routine and preventing wrinkles.

Myth 4: I’m a slave to my genetics when it comes to aging

Genetics are not everything! They play a role, but they are not the only thing responsible for your skin aging. It is not fully genetically determined that you are going to have the same skin type as your mom or dad. Everyone’s skin is different and has different needs. On top of that, environmental and lifestyle factors can play a major role in skin aging, for example sun damage causes premature aging.


"Genetics are not everything! They play a role, but they are not the only thing responsible for your skin aging."


Our dermatologist recommended anti-aging routine:


  1. After cleansing, apply BRIGHTEN ME Anti-Dark Circle Eye Cream. When it comes to anti-aging it's important to never forget the eye cream! The eye contour is the most sensitive skin on our body and the first to be affected by our age. BRIGHTEN ME contains hyaluronic acid, a well known anti aging compound, and niacinamide that increases collagen production, which declines over time. Best results are obtained by applying it both morning and night.  
  2. Reduce wrinkles with REVIVE ME. It’s loaded with vitamins, minerals & essential fatty acidsthat help in the prevention and reduction of wrinkles. Matrixyl also has an anti wrinkle effect, and sterols recover lost vitamins and minerals.  
  3. Moisturize with PROTECT ME, which will keep skin looking youthful and prevent sun damage. This is your number 1 anti aging product. UVR exposure without sunscreen not only increases your risk of skin cancer, it also accelerates wrinkles and the appearance of dark spots. Remember that artificial light also damages your skin! This means we should all use sunscreen everyday. PROTECT ME provides broad spectrum SPF 30 as well as vitamins  A, B5 and E in its formula. These vitamins fight the free radicals caused by pollution and prevent wrinkles. 


  1. After removing makeup and cleaning your face, use BRIGHTEN ME to fight signs of aging and increase collagen production around your eyes.
  2. Nourish your skin with REVIVE ME. It helps create a glowing complexion & combats premature aging.
  3. Apply RECOVER ME, our restorative night cream. It improves elasticity & firmness in the skin. A night cream isessential in every anti aging skincare routine. Night is when the skin has its major turnover. Recover Me contains hyaluronic acid, like REVIVE ME. Other powerful ingredients includes niacinamide, that improves the appearance of dry skin, tocopherol which has an antioxidative effect, copper tripeptide 1 that activates the collagen, glycosaminoglycans and elastin production, improving the skin’s overall elasticity and firmness.  


I AM LOVE is formulated with 5 oils, which are rich in minerals and vitamins, providing multiple benefits: argan, hemp, ylang ylang flower, rose flower and olive oils. This combination improves skin moisture and firmness, qualities that are important in anti aging products.

100% Organic Argan Oil has innumerable benefits. Suitable for skin, hair, nails, lips, this oil is excellent as moisturizer, antioxidant and anti aging product. 

Argania Active Complex

Like allFRÉ products, this routine contains Argania Active Complex, our patent pending formula of argan oil, stem cells and leaf extract. The formula has countless benefits, including anti-aging effects, since the formula stimulates your skin’s stem cells,  and antioxidant and hydrating properties.FRÉ oils of course also contain argan oil, they are also chosen as anti aging products.  


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