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Back to School Skincare With Andrea DeSimone

by Jude Jacob Kayton August 02, 2020

Back to School Skincare With Andrea DeSimone


Andrea DeSimone is a renowned Aesthetician and Skincare Consultant specializing in seasonal solutions for all skin types. Whether it’s protecting your skin from the summer sun or using springtime’s lush humidity to your advantage, Andrea helps you learn how to read and respond to your skin’s unique psychology to become your most beautiful you. Andrea has been a contributing columnist and skincare consultant for a variety of brands and publications.

Andrea has been a contributing columnist and skincare consultant for a variety of brands and publications.


For more information visit:  www.andreadesimoneskincare.com


I believe in seasonal skincare, there are different demands from the weather and environment that you need to guard your skin against. In the summer, people have a build up of dirt and sunscreen, and by the time summer ends, they may have a feeling of texture on their skin, a build up on their noses, blackheads and more. Back to school is incredibly important: it’s a restart button for your skin. But going “back to school” can also be stressful whether you are going back to school, a job or just the daily routine, and stress is a beast. It can affect you in ways you won’t even recognize. I’ve noticed it can cause ruddiness in the skin and breakouts. Beginning a great skincare routine at the end of the summer is also a way to keep this stress in check, by overhauling skin and preparing your mind mentally for a new start.

 Back to school is incredibly important: it’s a restart button for your skin.


I have hypersensitive skin, and most products don’t work for me. Anything that doesn’t give me a rash is fantastic. I discovered FRÉ and it is amazing! I love the line - it’s simple but effective. I think it can work wonders for anyone who sweats – men, young boys, and women of all ages. Here are FRÉ's back to school essentials:


  • PROTECT ME  is important even when summer is over because everyone should be wearing sunscreen all the time! Sun damage is the number one cause of premature aging all year round. 
  • PURIFY ME  This is my favorite product overall and the biggest MUST for back to school skincare. This cleanser is beautiful for everyone. I get whiteheads on my skin, but if I spend a few extra minutes with this cleanser it dissolves them! This is the core of my back to school routine.
  • REVIVE ME  is an incredibly moisturizing serum and is great at night. If my skin is particularly dry, I layer it underneath PROTECT ME in the morning. 
  • DETOX ME  is one of my favorite products for back to school skincare, because it helps overhaul skin from one season to the next. All of the products are based on Argania Active Complex, FRÉ’s patented formula made of argan oil, stem cells and leaf-water and are super hydrating and anti-inflammatory.
  • RECOVER ME  is a wonderful night serum for the stressful back to school period. As well as containing FRÉ’s powerful Argania Active Complex, this product also contains lavender oil for soothing inflammation, calming and promoting sleep. RECOVER ME and REVIVE ME can be worn together if deeper hydration is needed.



  •        I find the  DETOX ME  mask is really fast acting and you can use it in 3 different ways. First, it’s a mask, like it says on the box and you can apply a thin coat, leave it to dry, then wet it and rinse off. Next ,you can use this product as a scrub if you don’t have time for a full mask. And finally,  DETOX ME  is a lifesaver for blemishes. I recommend  it to my clients as an overnight spot treatment.
  •        At the end of each day, I do a ritualistic cleanse to remove dirt, oil, makeup and the stress of the day from my skin. I lock myself in the bathroom, put on my bandanna, and do inhalations, I use aromatherapy oils. This is my time with myself to breathe and to meditate. So, please, fiercely love yourself and take the time to decompress and cleanse at the end of each day. It’s fun and it smells good. You can make it into a ritual and add whatever you need – lighting, candles and more!
  •        When it comes to cleansing, I suggest that, ideally, people should only use a cleanser on their face once a day, and, preferably, only in the evening. Too much exfoliation can rob skin of its protective oils and cause irritation.
  •        REVIVE ME can be great for men after a shave to calm and hydrate skin. In addition, more mature women can use it layered under other moisturizers, for extra hydration.


Remember: consistency is important.


It’s important to read our skin. Each day your skin has different needs. The nice thing about FRÉ is that the products are very effective. They are non-drying and non-stripping, so you can make them part of your skincare routine. Remember: consistency is important. With skincare, it is best to find what works and stick with it, even though it’s often tempting to experiment and try new things. For particularly active skin, I recommend a regular routine for rest days and for active days. If you have an extra-sweaty day, add a mask to your skincare routine in order to get rid of all the pore clogging sweat and grime.


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