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Beauty Routines with Argan Oil

Lorisa Hasenbush July 01, 2020

We are excited to launch our 100% Organic Argan Oil this month. Argan oil is the one pure and magical ingredient at the heart of all our products, and it’s a powerful and versatile treatment for skin hydration and protection.

Argan contains a potent combination of fatty acids, Vitamin E and antioxidants that moisturize and repair skin, giving you a glowing, youthful look.

Read on to find out about the different uses of argan oil.

Makeup remover

You know that makeup and exercise are not friends; makeup can create a barrier on your face and lock sweat and dirt in your pores. Argan oil is a light-weight oil and good option for removing makeup. Put a few drops of argan oil on your finger tips and rub your finger tips together to warm up the oil. Then, rub the oil all over your face. Your makeup will smear everywhere, but that is okay. Next, wet a washcloth with warm water. Making circular motions, wipe the makeup-argan oil combination off your face with the washcloth. FRÉ’s Argan oil is 100% organic, so it is gentle enough to be used to remove eyeliner and mascara, too. After removing your makeup, you can wash your face with a gentle cleanser, like  PURIFY ME. Both products are non-comedogenic so you won’t need to worry about clogged pores. 

Body Moisturizer

After exercising hard and having a great sweat, you need to cleanse your skin. Shower with a gentle body cleanser, like  PURIFY BODY. Next, rub a few drops of argan oil on your towel-dry skin.

You can apply the oil all over your body, from your scalp to your feet, providing your skin with deep hydration all over.

Blemish Soother

If you are experiencing a breakout, argan oil’s anti-sebum properties can help balance the oil on your face and its anti-inflammatory properties can soothe your skin. Before bed, wash your face with a gentle cleanser, like  PURIFY ME. Then, apply a few drops of argan oil to your damp skin. The argan oil will level out your skin’s sebum production and will reduce its redness as you sleep. 

Product Enhancer

Since you are always on the go, your skincare routine needs to be efficient. Argan oil is rich in oleic acid, which improves skin’s permeability. This means argan oil can make your skin more receptive to other products. After a long, active day, apply a serum, like  REVIVE ME, to your washed face. Once it has absorbed, rub a few drops of argan oil into your skin. Now, your skin is super ready to receive all the benefits of a night cream, like  RECOVER ME. This three-step routine will hydrate and strengthen your skin. 

Anti-aging Treatment

Exercising outdoors is liberating, but it puts your skin at risk of sun damage, which can lead to premature aging.  A study in the scientific publication Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine shows that the fatty acids in argan oil protect the skin from sunlight. In the morning, rub argan oil on your face, neck, ears and any other area that is uncovered. Continue to go about your daily routine. Fifteen minutes before you head outside, apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen, like  PROTECT ME, to all these areas. Now, with the double protection of argan oil and SPF, you can enjoy your workout without worrying about wrinkles and sunspots. 


Versatile and great for all skin types

Argan oil is helpful for all types of skincare any time during the day. You can use it for make-up removal before exercising or as a body moisturizer after your workout. It helps other products sink into your skin more efficiently, and it soothes blemishes as well as prevents signs of aging. Argan oil is a magnificent addition to your skincare routine.

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