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by Jude Jacob Kayton May 19, 2019


14,000 trees planted so far…

FRÉ is the first skincare line for skin that sweats. But beyond this, we are driven by the passion to make a strong social impact and to change perceptions of beauty by building on the power of active women. 

FRÉ has a strong ethos of giving back.At its heart, is its ‘One Set, One Tree’ program. For every 123FRÉ set sold, FRÉ plants an Argan Tree of Life to help replenish the endangered Argan forest and support women who harvest Argan oil in Morocco. To date, FRÉ has planted 14,000 Argan Trees of Life in a number of women’s cooperatives in Essaouira, Morocco, thanks to its partnership with the High Atlas Foundation



Visiting Morocco

With summer now officially here we want to thank you for your continued contribution to our mission and let you know that today, we will be celebrating with a visit to Morocco! Together with our wonderful ambassadors Kristen Garzone@mellankAnnie Miller@anniemiller.coYaara Benbenishty @yaara and Heba Ali @evolve.nation, we will visit the amazing women who harvest and benefit from the Argan trees we have planted together. 

Follow them on Instagram, to see their updates and takeovers! 

We will be visiting two of the cooperatives who benefit from our planting. The first will be the Izouran Wargan Cooperative in the rural commune of Smimouwhich has 40 women as members, and have planted 2000 Trees of Life so far. The second cooperative we will visit is the Mogador Cooperative in the rural commune of Ounagha. Here, there are 30 women, who have planted and benefited from 1070 Trees of Life. We are very excited to go and meet these women and to continue to be inspired by their strength and resilience. 

Creating a multi-layered impact

Planting an Argan Tree has a multi-layered impact providing:

  • New sources of income to the women who harvest Argan oil.
  • A good education to their children and financially support for their communities and families. 
  • Essential educational and management tools through special training to strengthen the cooperative. 
  • Feminine role models and inspiration for young Moroccan girls to be independent and active.
  • A huge impact on the environment, helping fight global warming and Argan deforestation.  

840Women and their families will double their income thanks to theFRÉCommunity

In Morocco today, the estimated earned income of women is less than 40% than that of men and over 70% of women are illiterate. On average, 10 mature Argan trees will double the average income of a family of 7 people. The 14,000 Argan trees we are planting will help double the income of 840 Moroccan women, and their families. 

The trees themselves alter the region by moderating its climate, improving its air quality, conserving water, and encouraging biodiversity, all of which are important for our ecosystems and as such our livelihoods on this planet.



On average, one acre of new forest can sequester about 2.5 tons of carbon annually. Young trees absorb CO2 at a rate of 13 pounds per tree each year. Trees reach their most productive stage of carbon storage at about 10 years at which point they are estimated to absorb 48 pounds of CO2 per year. At that rate, they release enough oxygen back into the atmosphere to support two human beings.

The positive social and environmental impacts provided by trees also reaches beyond the borders of Morocco and her Argan Trees, andresearch shows that living in a green neighborhood reduces stress and aids recovery from illness.


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