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Summer Skincare for Combination Skin

by Jude Jacob Kayton July 10, 2019

Summer Skincare for Combination Skin

Welcome to Skin Series, where we take a closer look at how exactly FRÉ's key ingredient: Argan, helps different skin types. Today: Combination Skin.



Finding the skincare solution that fits your needs can be tough if you have combination skin and love to workout. Just when you thought you found the perfect moisturizer to combat dryness, your t-zone turned into an oil slick. And that clay mask that was supposed to help with excess sebum? It left your cheeks flaky.  

Combination skin, or seborrhea, is often genetically based, but can also be aggravated by stress, weather, and exercise. One of the most common causes, however, is not treating it properly. Using rich moisturizers to combat dry cheeks can aggravate the sebum production and acne on your t-zone.  On the other hand, strong astringents designed to counter oily skin leave the rest of your face dry.    

Argan can work wonders for combination skin by deeply hydrating dry patches while regulating oil production. This property reduces the contrast between the dry and oily areas of your face.  Argan oil also means you don’t need multiple complex products to make your skin glow.  



If you are looking for the perfect product to help keep your skin looking its best, night creams are an important part of combination skin routine. They close pores, reducing blackheads and gently hydrate facial skin, keeping redness in check without leaving you oily.   

We recommend using FRÉ’s brand new RECOVER ME night cream to soothe your skin. This miracle lotion packs an extra strong punch of Argan with FRÉ’s patented Argania Active Complex, containing everything your skin needs to rehydrate after UV rays and intense exercise.   






FRÉ Customers with combination skin also recommend:  

Judy M.

Pleasant and Soothing I have sensitive eyes and most moisturizers seem to cause irritation. Revive Me is gentle and soothing. It moisturizes my face and leaves it looking and feeling its best.


Lovelyn R.


The BEST product for the active woman!I love my Purify Me cleanser. I recently bought a 2nd bottle just to have an extra one in my shower and one at my sink. I don't go a day without using it and love the smell, texture (those awesome blue beads), and how it moisturizes my skin. I was hesitant to buy because I already have such oily skin, but this has done wonders for my facial game. 




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