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by Tal Carmel July 16, 2018


Meet the fourth member to the FRÉ family: DETOX ME.

DETOX ME is a detoxing face mask designed specifically for the woman who works hard. Works out. And works through her sweat. A detoxifying face mask, designed to cleanse even deep into your pores, was the logical next step in our product line-up. DETOX ME utilizes FRÉs uniqueArgania Active Complex©, which prevents breakouts and clears skin.The world we live in these days is one filled with pollutants and toxins in the air. Unfortunately, this air contamination  fills our lungs and our pores. - A good detox is the best way to restore our bodies to top condition. With fresh Argan antioxidants and leaf extract, DETOX ME removes impurities and excess oils, unclogging your pores, and leaving your skin relaxed and renewed.

The skin is part of the excretory system and sweat is the mode by which the body works to rid itself of toxins.The purpose of sweat is to regulate body temperature, but it’s a multifunctional system. When sweat passes through your sweat glands, it takes toxins with it. As sweating is a major component of what clogs pores, focusing on a proper face mask is key. A proper facial detox, like DETOX ME, promotes the formation of collagen as well as eliminates both excess oil and skin toxins. A detoxing face mask is the easiest way to introduce your skin to the benefits of a detox. And what better way than by using a proper face mask by abrand you already love and trust?


DETOX ME has the same gentle, yet strong, approach to tackling your skincare concerns asPROTECT ME,PURIFY ME, andREVIVE ME. It has an extremely fine milled exfoliating formula to get deep into your skin and thoroughly slough away the toxins and pollutants from the air. Yet, it won’t strip your skin of vital cells and nutrients. On top of a smooth feel, the scent itself is subtle and relaxing. So while you wait for the product to work its magic, be it 2-3 or 5-10 minutes, depending on yourskin type, your nose can breathe easy with the light relaxing scent.

With detoxing a rising trend in today’s society, it’s important to be careful with the products you use. Using a detoxing mask that’s too strong can have a negative effect on your delicate facial skin. If your detox is too harsh it will strip your skin, leaving it raw and dry. Whereas choosing a mask that’s too gentle will do nothing for your pores. It’s worth investing in a company you can trust, with products you know will work.  DETOX ME is meant to work hand-in-hand with our 123FRÉ Set, and uses only the best ingredients. It’s comprised of ingredients of the highest quality and specially formulated for different skin types. 


Along with the Argania Active Complex©, DETOX ME also boasts other super-ingredients. Dead Sea Salt and Ein Gedi Spring Water exfoliate and purify the skin, while rejuvenating skin cells and promoting a healthy glow. Kaolin Clay reduces excess oils and sebum, purifies and unclogs pores to ensure your detox doesn’t just hit the surface. It also prevents breakouts and acne for smooth skin that makes you glow. Panthenol and Vitamin B5 soothe skin, reduce inflammation and repair any skin damage brought on throughout the day. Rounding out the super-ingredients is Yarrow. This flowering plant balances skin’s pH, prevents acne and helps control oil and sebum production. All of these carefully selected ingredients come together to create one uniquely formulated detoxing mask. A detoxing mask designed to get deep down into the skins innermost layers and provide a cleanse you’ve never experienced before.


Detox Duo:

The point of a detox mask is to get deep down into your pores and flush out toxins and impurities. Because of that, masks can often leave your face feeling a bit tight and dry. Worry not! DETOX ME was specially formulated to work in conjunction withREVIVE ME. Where DETOX ME pulls out impurities and pollutants, REVIVE ME replenishes moisture & vitamins. Not to mention, both products contain FRÉs specially formulated Argania Active Complex© to regenerate collagen and cells. REVIVE ME is the macaroni to DETOX ME’s cheese, the peanut butter to its jelly, the pea to its pod, the list goes on. The point remains: the two go together. A deep cleanse followed by a rejuvenating hydration, truly a duo made for skin heaven. With fresh Argan leaf extract and antioxidants enriched with stem cells, the DETOX DUO removes impurities and excess oils, deeply moisturizes, and re-energizes skin with natural vitamins and minerals.

So what’s thebest and proper way to mask? Simple: Purify, Detox, Revive, and Protect. We’ve put it right in our products names. In other words: wash your face with warm water, apply your face mask (rinse off face mask after 1-2 minutes, or 5-10 for oilier skin), put on a nice silky hydrating serum, followed by a good SPF moisturizer. Make sure to only ever touch your face withCLEAN HANDS! We know life gets busy and you don’t have time to sit around and try to remember the order of your skincare regimen. We’ve made skincare easy so you can get up, get your skincare going, and go live your life!


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