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DETOX ME: Day 1-- With Talia Sutra

by Tal Carmel August 16, 2018

DETOX ME: Day 1-- With Talia Sutra

FRÉnds, we bring you the wise words of Talia Sutra, aka the OG and first FRÉAmbassador. She was kind enough to sit down with us and tell us all about her experience with our newDETOX ME detoxifying facial mask. She told us all about how she got into face masks, the different types she used, and how ours compares, and all we’ve gotta say is: #Winning. But would you expect anything else from us? Didn’t think so. So without further ado, and in the wise and melodic words of our beloved Talia, here are her thoughts on DETOX ME:


  • What’s your “relationship” with skincare?
      • I’m definitely more laid-back with it. I’m trying to be more minimalistic in my life, so I really like simple. Vegan, good for the environment, and simple.
  • Have you used face masks before?
      • Yeah, I used to do face-masks with my mom. She had this really cool mask; maybe it was a dead sea product? I can’t remember, but it was so cool, you would use a magnet to take it off! But I’ve also used a lot of sheet-masks, which I love for their hydration, but I can’t always take the time to just lay there and wait for the mask to work.

  • What were the reasons you used them?
      • I got into face masks, firstly because of my mother, but also to pamper myself a bit. Now that I’m a mother, it can be hard to have time to yourself, so taking a few minutes to put on a face mask just makes me feel like I’m doing something for myself. Even if it’s just for 5 minutes or so, while I’m making myMatcha in the morning.
  • What was your very first impression of DETOX ME?
      • It’s very FRÉ! It fits in perfectly with the rest of the123FRÉ Set. The container is so compact I really feel like I can put it anywhere. When I first opened it, I noticed the texture was almost like a cloud, it was a mousse-like consistency which I really liked. The smell was great, very fresh, and I like that they used natural coloring to give it such a nice color. It’s so easy to use, too. I just put it on and I can leave it for however long I want.

  • Did you feel like it thoroughly cleaned your face after and leave you refreshed?
      • Definitely! Sometimes I even like to leave it on for longer than the recommended 2-3 minutes. I’ll leave it on for like 10 minutes, wait for the tingling feeling to pass, and then wash it off. I can definitely feel the deep clean. It makes me look rosy cheeked and leaves me feeling so refreshed. Even if I only have two minutes for the mask, I still feel that it cleans away all the muck and grime from the day.

  • How did DETOX ME compare to other face masks you have tried?
      • It depends what you’re looking for. But honestly, DETOX ME has everything you’d want in a face mask, especially for someone like me who is constantly on the move. It’s great. With other masks you’re more restricted, you either have to lie there while it works, or work to get it off. If it’s a peel off mask, it gets stuck in my eyebrows, my hairline, and I find myself forever finding more product to clean off my face. Some other masks can be very hard to wash off, you really have to scrub. DETOX ME is perfect, it goes on easy, it doesn’t move around, and it washes off so easily.
      • Would you recommend DETOX ME?
          • 100%. It’s such a great mask and it works so well for me. Plus, with FRÉ you know it’s not only good for your skin, but it’s good for the environment and empowering to women as well. I would definitely recommend it!

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