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ECO-CONSCIOUS LIVING Yaara Benbenishty, Model, Actress & Activist

by Lorisa Hasenbush March 01, 2022

ECO-CONSCIOUS LIVING Yaara Benbenishty, Model, Actress & Activist


About me: 

I am an animal and people lover. I model for brands who walk the talk, and I was an actress for some pretty cool projects. I currently live in Koh Phangan, Thailand. I am passionate about plant-based food, sustainable fashion, eco living and volunteering with children and animals.


Living in Koh Phangan

When you live on an island, so close to nature, you realize how big an effect you have on the environment with every choice you make. Every now and then you’ll see garbage piling up or being burnt. In other parts of the world, we’re used to throwing our trash out and forgetting all about when it miraculously disappears. Once you realize that this doesn’t happen, you become obligated to minimize your part of the problem. Currently, many of the solutions which are available in the Western World such as organic groceries or package free condiments are not as easy to find here, but this is slowly changing. I have a tin box and straws in my bag as well as fabric bags for the market; these items help me to minimize my use of disposables in my daily activities. In addition, I shop at the market and pack up my leftovers to avoid food waste. 

"I have a tin box and straws in my bag as well as fabric bags for the market; these items help me to minimize my use of disposables in my daily activities." 

All about FRÉ 

FRÉ met me through a spot I had on the news covering different NPOs and ways to get more involved and volunteer. One of the highlights was  Gvahim, an organization that Mickael Bensadoun used to run, that helps professionals immigrating to Israel to integrate socially and professionally. Both founders of FRÉ (Mickael Bensadoun and Michael Azoulay) have worked hard to build a life with meaning and positively impact Israel. Not long after meeting Mickael, we had our first photoshoot, and a year later, I joined the social mission in Morocco planting trees and supporting the women’s cooperatives. 

It was very clear from day one that FRÉ’s heart is in every decision they make and their moral compass is the leading force of the company. Visiting Morocco with them and realizing how personal this journey is for FRÉ’s founders has been very meaningful for me. 


One Set, One Tree

FRÉ plants an argan tree for every set sold to ensure that they have a truly positive impact. It’s important when using this method to plant trees in areas where they will thrive and to make sure they are beneficial to the local community and environment. With FRÉ’s program, for each set purchased one argan tree is planted in Morocco in its natural environment. These trees protect the argan forests and help to empower the women in cooperatives who work to harvest argan oil. These women-run co-ops are dependent on the trees for their jobs and income.  


My fitness journey

I’ve always been very active, but as I often share on my Instagram, it hasn’t always been an easy journey. I started suffering from lower back pain during my military service and it was linked to a condition in my spine which is genetic and irreversible and resembles the effects of a herniated disc and sciatica. 

Throughout my life, I heard many doctors say with full confidence that I should get used to this pain, consider operations and strong pain killers. But the more I read about it, the more I understood my diagnosis does not have to mean a life of pain. Many people have these conditions and lead perfectly active and happy lives. I was so afraid of the pain that it took me a while to regain trust in my body and strength. I meditated a lot, watched a lot of TED talks and gradually found the physical path that was right for me. I realized I needed one-on-one training and I needed to build strength to allow my body to fully function without suffering. It’s been 8 months since my last period of acute, disabling pain. This is the longest I’ve been pain free in a decade. And not only that, but I also have a new, better and more sustainable understanding of my body and its capabilities. 


Eco-conscious living

My husband and I have been involved in a vegan eco-conscious community bungalow resort in Koh Phangan for the past three years. Now, we are happy to welcome tourists again, but to be honest we have no complaints as the past two years of enjoying this slice of heaven tourist-free has been a blessing. I also work with different brands to help improve their environmental and social impact and improve their storytelling on these topics. And of course, FRÉ is one of them!


Supporting foster children with Orr Shalom

I was first introduced to  Orr Shalom when my husband and I were planning our wedding. We decided it’d be a shame to put so much time, money and energy into just one day, so we made an agreement with all vendors that we’d replicate the same event for a NPO. The minute we heard about Orr Shalom we knew this was only the start. We hold a yearly fun-day for the foster kids and their foster families and we are very involved in the organization. Part of the money used for these events is raised through my affiliate link with FRÉ, and just recently we added the  Yaara Set with an extra donation to Orr Shalom from FRÉ.



Living in a very sunny and humid place, my main concerns are pigmentation and sweat related impurities. My skin is pretty balanced, but of course everything depends on nutrition, sleep, exposure to the sun, and using the right skincare and cosmetics. 

"I love 'edible' skincare where you know the ingredients are safe enough to eat, which is why I love Talia’s I AM line and 100% Organic Argan Oil."

I love “edible” skincare where you know the ingredients are safe enough to eat, which is why I love Talia’s  I AM line and of course  100% Organic Argan Oil, my all-time favorite product. Whenever I opt for any inedible skincare, I make sure to check all the ingredients one by one! 

All FRÉ products are ranked as safe on skin and the environment according to  Environmental Working Group rankings (EWG) and my favorites are included in the set (other than the argan oil):  RECOVER ME Nourishing Night Cream, which is incredible with pigmentation and rejuvenation, and  DETOX ME Post-sweat Clearing Mask, which is a savior with impurities and is 99% natural. 



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