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Exercising makes you more beautiful

by Aaron AD February 20, 2017

Exercising makes you more beautiful

The hardest part of a fitness routine is not starting one but sticking with it. We tend to let things slide and then jump back in with gusto, especially after overindulging over holidays only to gradually lose the steam after a few weeks. Yet, apart from health benefits like a stronger, fitter body, one who exercises regularly will have youthful, radiant skin.

Stick to your usual workout routine as much as possible or start it before you hit the Christmas buffet tables and cocktails. Get used to it so you don’t have so much weight to take off after a holiday.

January is usually another frantic time trying to shake off the holiday mood and picking up where we left off. Starting immediately shows you are committed to getting fit, apart from on paper when noting down your resolutions and come January, you’ll have an easy time getting on with it as you’ve already eased yourself into the routine.

Sedentary lifestyles, especially for those who do jobs that have them seated most or all day, tend to pile on the pounds easily even if they may try and watch their diet. Even simple exercises such as walking are beneficial as are small extras like taking the stairs instead of the lift if regular sessions at a gym are not possible. Just such small changes that make us a bit more active make a difference over time if done consistently. The skin benefits too, becoming firm and toned as the muscles become toned too.

This is especially important for those on a weight loss program. Rapid weight loss can lead to large bags of loose skin as seen on those who undergo weight loss surgery.

While working out often for the sake of the body and the skin, it is also important to pay attention to the skin. When we talk of skin nutrition, it is often in the context of using nourishing skin care products so that skin looks soft and radiant.  FRÉ is a line of skin care products dedicated to women who work out. The 123FRE skincare sethas three products that give your skin all the protection and nourishing it needs:

  • Protect Me, an ultra-light moisturizer with SPF 30 made for skin that sweats,
  • Purify Me, deep pore cleanser and gentle exfoliant,
  • Revive Me, a vitamin and moisture-rich serum that regenerates skin cells and collagen.

While we love FRÉ with all its natural ingredients, some pure ingredients can also be beneficial. Those suffering dry skin can, for example, can take care of that with a coconut cream bath. Add 3 tablespoons of it along with a few drops of vanilla extract into bathing water for a bath that will cleanse and also moisturize. For a face with dry skin, make up a paste of natural yogurt, honey, and avocado.  Using about 3 tablespoons each of this, make up a paste, apply to a cleansed face and neck. Leave on for about 15 minutes then rinse. Skin will be soft and smooth.

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