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First Impressions: DETOX ME

by Tal Carmel August 23, 2018

First Impressions: DETOX ME

It has arrived!

The fourth member of the FRÉ family, DETOX ME, is here, and it’s making an impact. Check out what some of our ambassadors﹘active, sweaty women just like you and me - had to say:

Natasha Swinford:Fitness, Yoga, Pilates Instructor

Any@freskincare users out there? 

I’ve been using them since January and I could not be happier with my skin. I genuinely love their products and won’t use anything else now. They have released a new DETOX ME face-mask and I’m in love! Smells so wonderful and leaves my skin glowing.


Kelly Yager:NPC Bikini Competitor and Youtuber

“I am OBSESSED with DETOX ME! I've never gone overboard with skin care products but have always loved face masks. Over the past two years, I explored a lot of different brands and this is by far my favorite! It's so simple to use and feels great on my skin during and after. It has a really nice light smell that isn't overwhelming when your applying the mask! I also LOVE the gentle exfoliating beads while applying; I feel like it starts working immediately!

"Most of all I can't get over how soft and clean my face feels after!"

It eliminates the oily spots on my skin perfectly without leaving dry spots (something I normally struggle with other masks). I can’t wait to keep incorporating DETOX ME into my skin care routine by using it 2-3 nights per week!”



Ashley J. Allard:Yoga, healthy living and fashion blogger

“I’m going totally obsessed with DETOX ME!! My girlfriend, Sarah, and I wrote a blog post about it.”

#SelfCareSaturday in full effect thanks to@freskincare! 💙🤗

If you haven’t seen/heard Fré is launching their new DETOX ME mask this month and I am already in deep 💗 with it after a few uses!!

"It is the PERFECT addition to the 123Fré Set and leaves my skin feeling clean, refreshed, glowing and renewed!"

I love pairing it with their REVIVE ME Deep Replenishing Serum and some quartz rolling for a little extra glow✨!!”


 Andrea Waterman:Food Blogger

“DETOX ME is amazing! I never really used a skincare routine prior to FRÉ, but since I started using it, my skin feels so refreshed. DETOX ME is easy to apply and wash off, and leaves my skin feeling clean and no longer oily.

"I like that it is easy to use, and does not require a long time to work its magic, making it ideal for any night of the week."

.. I would overall recommend this product to anyone wanting their skin to feel like they just walked out of a spa!”


Shelby Burton: Registered Nurse

“FRÉ has done it again with their ‘DETOX ME’ face-mask! Perfect to start the day (or end a workout) with this new super smoothing, feel-good face mask. The ingredients in their products are amazing and they are cruelty free... I 100% recommend their products. My skin feels so amazing after using this skincare line for the past 6 months! ...If you’re looking for a new skincare line that works 💕 @freskincare”

Gabby Mathes: Pre-occupational therapy

Giving@freskincare “DETOX ME” a go. 12/10 would recommend. Skin literally feels like a baby’s bottom & just so FRESH 💦✨”


Autumn Cleveland: Competitive figure athlete

“I 💕💕💕 face masks so I was really excited to try this one from@freskincare!

My first impressions of the DETOX ME Mask was that the texture was amazingly light and fluffy like a mousse, and it smells incredible.


"VERY easy to remove (this is very crucial to me in order to like a mask 😆), and afterward my skin was left soft & balanced...not dry and tight."

After a few uses, my pores seem less clogged and overall less inflamed. I’ll keep you all updated as I try it longer. I’m using it in conjunction with the 123Fré Set.”


Jayna Rylee: Online and private fitness coach, group class instructor, and fitness model

"🌬The Ultimate skin DETOX!"

@freskincare just launched their new DETOX ME treatment mask and it’s a MUST! It’s truly the ultimate detox for your skin. My skin literally feels flawless after I use it, with or without makeup.”


Akanksha Gupta: Fitness and wellness enthusiasy

“New night time self-care fave ALERT!🧖🏻‍♀️

I have had a combination skin, acne issues and pigmentation since I was 15. For years, I used face masks and face washes that completely stripped off natural oils from my skin and made my acne situation worse! 

"DETOX ME mask is perfect for after-sweat session, smells heavenly and has teeny tiny particles to gently exfoliate and unclog pores while hydrating my skin✨"

Not to mention it feels like applying fresh mint on your face!❄️

If you are looking for a mask that nourishes and exfoliates your skin,@freskincare DETOX ME mask is the BEST!!! 💙”

Drea Rawal: Certified fitness professional, nutrition expert, founder of Project Snatched

“✨New face, who dis?✨

Well, same face.. NEW PRODUCT!

Ladies and gentlemen please welcome my new best friend to the#skincareroutine #DETOXME from none other than@freskincare 💦

Designed for women who sweat, AKA all of us, detox has proved to be a great addition to my 1-2-3 skincare routine. Here’s my first impressions of#DETOXME:

  1. Smells Ay-mae-zing; Frésh natural smell ☝🏽
  2. The texture is smooth and creamy with a hint of exfoliating beads that are exhilarating 💆🏾‍♀️
  3. Easy to rinse off, no residue. So fresh, so clean!

#Detoxme is sworn in to be great for acne and breakout prevention, Removes impurities and toxins deep in the skin follicles, & returns moisture to the skin with its key ingredient#Arganoil.

"So basically with all my @freskincare products, I’M LOVING THE CREWWW!”

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