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by Jude Jacob January 31, 2022


Dy Ann Parham, Fasting MindSet Coach for Menopausal Women

website: www.fortodaysagingwoman.com

About me: I was born in San Diego, California. I am currently living in Trophy Club, Texas. I’m a veteran of the USAF. I have a B.S. degree in Business from Pepperdine University. Today, I own my own business. I am a certified Exercise Nutrition Coach, Certified Running Coach, Certified Metabolic Flexibility Coach, and work as a Life Coach for women transitioning through all seasons of menopause. I teach women how to use intermittent fasting to look and feel their best and live their most authentic life while reversing the signs of aging.

My fitness journey

I found my love of fitness when I was in high school playing soccer and running. After high school, I went into the military. Initially, I was scared of the basic training element, but all the running I’d done really helped me and I ended up becoming a group fitness instructor where I taught classes for military members. I enlisted twice, first with the job of Command & Control where I decoded top-secret messages, and later as an in-flight refueling specialist on a KC-135. 

In my first 4 years in the military, our exercise group used to meet in a bowling alley. I volunteered as a group fitness instructor and taught classes. After I left the military, I worked at gyms and started teaching group fitness and aerobics. Later, I expanded to nutrition and became an online fitness coach for a while. I took a break to go to college and came back to fitness in my mid-40s to focus on online coaching.

Intermittent Fasting

Although I was an active certified fitness coach, I ended up developing  prediabetes. I was in  perimenopause and my hormones were changing. I realized my girlfriends were in the same age bracket and going through the same struggles. Our bodies were going through the same issues.  We were suffering from insulin resistance and prediabetic conditions. At that point, I found intermittent fasting and instantly started feeling better.

"I have been teaching women all over the world how to reverse the signs of aging by using intermittent fasting. It helps us rethink how we live our life around food and food decisions and gives us the power to age successfully."

Intermittent fasting was a huge success. After reversing my own prediabetic state, I taught my girlfriends how to create an Intermittent Lifestyle for themselves. They were also able to reverse a lot of the menopausal symptoms they were suffering from. I began using it as a tool to empower women. For the past 6 years, I have been teaching women all over the world how to reverse the signs of aging by using intermittent fasting. It helps us rethink how we live our life around food and food decisions and gives us the power to age successfully. When we are younger our hormones and age work in our favor, but as we age we have to change and adapt to our bodies. Exercising more and eating less just does not work for us. What I teach allows women to feel empowered as we manage our life as aging women. 

Today, I am no longer suffering from sugar-related diseases. Women who have graduated from my online course have found relief from inflammation, skin rashes, stubborn weight gain, and a new sense of empowerment about how they are showing up for themselves. At every age. I truly believe our body is designed to heal itself. We often think that healing takes place from the outside in, so we are in an uphill battle attacking problems from the opposite direction. Once you understand and experience the power of a body that heals itself, it is magical. 


I have normal skin, but like every woman, I am trying to get ahead of the aging curve. In the past, I never really took skincare seriously. I just used a bar of soap and whatever lotion I could find as my moisturizer, and I was (am) a sun worshiper. I was blessed with good skin and really never had any real concerns. 

"When I went into perimenopause, I started seeing age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles and realized I needed more than soap and water."

I had my daughter at 40 and then went right into perimenopause. I started seeing age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles and realized I needed more than soap and water. I wanted my outside to match all the healthy things I was doing on the inside and to have an extra level of protection against aging skin and skin cancer. 

Initially, I was duped when I was approached by a skincare brand that was all-natural and nontoxic. One of the ingredients in the product was soy, which is a hormone disruptor. I started feeling really sick and hormonal when I started using it. Once I discovered the hidden soy in the products, I had to throw them in the trash. Fortunately, I found FRÉ soon after that experience. I saw that the products were exactly what I was looking for and I could confidently recommend FRÉ to women in my community. FRÉ made me and my skin feel amazing.

My skincare routine

I use  DETOX ME twice a week, and  PURIFY ME in the shower. I use  GLOW ME when I am out running for SPF and a great tint. At night, I use  I AM LOVE and  RECOVER ME. Not only do they make my skin feel moisturized and healthy they also make me feel so relaxed and ready to unwind! I adore makeup by  Laura Geller and like to mix the concealer with FRÉ’s  GLOW ME to thin my concealer down a little. I know my skincare products can’t do everything for my aging skin, a lot still depends on me living a healthy lifestyle. What happens on the inside of my body also shows up on the outside. But what I put on the outside or on my skin also affects how my body feels on the inside. So ingredients are important to me.  FRÉ gives me a youthful and glowing appearance to my skin. It keeps my skin moisturized and helps reduce fine lines. FRÉ leaves me feeling good about the skin I am in. 

Rapid Fire:

  • Favorite exercise?  Running
  • What does sweat mean to you?  It means I got a great workout in and an opportunity to detox my skin!
  • What comes to mind when you think of FRÉ?  Quality ingredients I can confidently use on my skin
  • What are you most excited about in life right now?  Becoming an empty nester. knowing that I did a good job as a Mom with kids that are self-sufficient adults.
  • What’s something you’d still love to learn?  How to golf (retirement fun)
  • If you were a hashtag, what would you be?  #agingsuccessfully
  • What’s the best advice that you’ve ever received in your life?  Stay in your lane,that’s where you do your best work. 
  • What is an issue that you wish we spoke about more often?  Menopause, aging skin from the vantage point of an aging woman.  
  • What does women’s empowerment mean in 2022?  That women have the freedom to be authentically themselves.
  • What are your dreams for the FRÉ community this year?  I want to see FRÉ become more of a standard with women. 

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