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How to Choose your "Running Cream"

by Amber Kennedy December 12, 2016

How to Choose your "Running Cream"

It is no secret that exercise is good for your body and soul as well for your skin and beauty. Besides promoting your vitality, it promotes healthy circulation of blood while slowing down aging. For you to maintain a great youthful and radiant look, you must explore the inside of you.

However, if you don't do anything to protect the benefits of your hard earned benefits from exercise, you may  lose them as soon as you earn them. That's why you have to fight the negative effects of intense workout like premature aging, blisters, spots and pores, pimples, bumps, dryness and runner's face.

Running Cream

One of the best ways to deal with workout-induced skincare damage is to use specialized skincare that maintains your skin's health and glow, during and after exercise. How should you choose the best skincare product to sweat with? How do you choose the best running cream? What are the criteria and considerations to follow?

Is it specially formulated for workout?

Ask yourself whether the cream you want to buy is specially formulated to sweat with. Check that it is a multi-function product that moisturizes your skin, protect you for sun and environmental damage, and prevents the signs of aging like loss of firmness and elasticity. Make sure the texture is appropriate for workout. It should be light, fast-absorbing and if possible, refreshing. Go for an SPF30 minimum even if you workout indoors. 

Non-eye stinging; no side effects

You don't want to treat effects of workout and sweat, only to suffer from side effects of the cream. Choose a cream that has been proven to have negligible side effects or none at all. It should be dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic. A very important thing to check: is my running cream ophthalmologist tested. Make sure it will not sting your eyes in the middle of a good sweat.  

Effectiveness in Preventing and Treating Breakouts

Exercise and skincare go hand in hand. A last thing you should check when choosing your running cream: does it clog pores? Many sunscreens are thick and close pores, which can foster breakouts, pimples and acne. Make sure you sweat with non-comedogenic products, that won't clog pores.  

FRÉ's PROTECT ME is specially formulated for workout  

We love to call PROTECT ME, the "Running Cream". Not because it is a cream that runs J but because it is the perfect cream to run, work out and sweat with. Why?

  1. It is a 3-in-1 that gives your skin what it needs when you work out: deep moisturizing; firming your skin; protecting from sun damage (SPF30) and environmental damage.
  2. Its texture is ultra-light and absorbs very fast so you won't have a white cast and won't even feel it on your skin. PROTECT ME keeps your skin cool when you sweat.
  3. Its formula is non-comedogenic, which means it won't clog pores and will let your sweat detoxify your skin.
  4. It is ophtalmologist tested, non-eye stinging and therefore, you can sweat without worrying for your eyes. You can use PROTECT ME under the eyes and forehead.
  5. It is 100% vegan and based on the Argan natural skincare powers.
  6. PROTECT ME is sweat-resistant, hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested and fits all skin types, including sensitive skin.
  7. Last but not least, its smell is so refreshing that you will want to run twice the distance you usually run J.

For all these reasons, PROTECT ME is THE Running Cream.


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