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How to Enjoy Winter Workouts Without Damaging your Skin

by Aaron AD December 07, 2016

How to Enjoy Winter Workouts Without Damaging your Skin

Wintertime can be tough on your skin. The combination of dry air, temperatures dropping and indoor heat require special attention. In frigid conditions, the skin needs a specific treatment to protect itself to avoid loss of hydration and inflammation. The natural skin barrier is challenged and is less efficient under harsh weather conditions. Some people experience itchy, dry skins and rough hair as a result of cold air on the outside, coupled with central heat indoors. It is common to see flaky, inflamed, cracked or irritated skin in winter. So, how do you maintain the pace, how do you work out as much as you wish, indoors and outdoors, while protecting your skin and promoting your healthy glow? How do you strengthen your skin resilience?

Hydration & Vitamin C

Stay hydrated. Drink sufficient quantities of water. Adjust your diet to include more vitamins, especially Vitamin C, which is known for boosting the production of Collagen. Collagen helps in maintaining skin tissue and other tissues connected to the skin.

Dealing With Windburn

Now that you are not afraid of working outdoors during winter, you should be wary of windburn. Knowing what to do to prevent or cure it should give you some peace. For this, applying a relevant cream can go a long way in protecting your skin. Choose one with multiple functions, that hyper-hydrates your skin, has calming & soothing properties and at the same time, protects from the sun UVA, UVB and IRA rays. one that contains various elements that deal with many skin problems and not windburn alone. Fre skincare products are formulated to be one stop solutions for most skin problems, including premature aging and sunburn, windburn, among others.

You may not see as much of the sun during the winter but the aging accelerators and cancer-causing rays that penetrate through windows and clouds, and into the deepest layer of skin — are still here, no matter if the weather is cloudy or sunny.

Winter fitness clothes

Staying warm in winter is okay, but over-protective clothing may trigger excessive sweating. Depending on how cold it is, sometimes it freezes close to the skin. This may lower your body temperature, increasing your risk of hypothermia. To avoid disrupting pores in the function, put on a wicking piece next to the skin. If it's too cold, you can have several layers on so you can remove some when you begin to sweat. Just remember to put them back when you cool down. However, you may need to take a break from your workout when temperatures dip below 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

Post-workout, you should of course shower but long hot showers may dehydrate your skin. So, shorter and less hot showers will help. When you get out of the shower, don't towel off too hard, because it can damage fragile skin cells.

Your winter skincare regimen

No matter your skin type, you need superfood for your skin during winter. Argan oil is known for being a super-moisturizer, for strengthening skin barrier and delaying the signs of aging. So, look for a moisturizer cream with a high concentration of Argan active ingredients. Your facial cleanser should be hydrating to prevent dryness. Last, even you don't use a serum, do so in the winter. A good serum provides the extra-protection and treatment you need in the winter, and prevents elasticity loss and collagen degeneration.

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