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How to Layer your Facial Skincare Products Correctly

by Jude Jacob November 13, 2022

How to Layer your Facial Skincare Products Correctly

123FRÉ is the perfect core routine for active skin. Used daily, the products prevent and repair skin damage, leaving you with a healthy glow. All three products are based on our patented Argania Active Complex™ and are 100% vegan and cruelty free. For every set sold, we plant an Argan Tree of Life to empower communities and fight deforestation. 

Here’s what the 123FRÉ routine looks like:


Step 1:  PURIFY ME, a hydrating facial cleanser that is gentle on skin, but tough on grime and sweat after a workout or wearing a mask.

Step 2:  REVIVE ME is a deep replenishing serum. Apply a thin layer and massage it into the skin until fully absorbed to achieve a silky, even finish.

Step 3:  PROTECT ME is an ultra-light moisturizer with SPF30 that protects skin from harmful UV rays all year round. 


Step 1:  PURIFY ME cleans off the grime and sweat of the day.

Step 2:  REVIVE ME  replenishes moisture lost through exercise and sweat.

Used daily, the 123FRÉ products prevent and repair skin damage, leaving you with a healthy glow.


When you add products to this core routine, it’s important to do so in the right order, for maximum impact. Here’s how we recommend layering each of our products within this routine:


DETOX ME is a natural clearing mask formulated to prevent post-sweat breakouts and acne, remove excess oils and unclog pores. Its gentle exfoliation purifies skin of dead cells, and liberates your face from the weekly build-up of city pollutants and everyday impurities. 

We recommend using  DETOX ME in the evening 1-3 times per week depending on your skin type (more if skin is oily, less if skin is sensitive). You can use it on its own or after using  PURIFY ME and before applying moisturizer, oils or serums.

DETOX ME's gentle exfoliation purifies skin of dead cells, and liberates your face from the weekly build-up of city pollutants and everyday impurities. 


BRIGHTEN ME contains hyaluronic acid, well known as an anti-aging compound and niacinamide which increases collagen production that naturally declines over time.

For best results,  BRIGHTEN ME should be applied after cleansing and applying serums, but before oils, SPFs and moisturizers. We recommend using it morning and evening every day.


RECOVER ME contains lavender oil for soothing inflammation, calming and promoting sleep.  RECOVER ME clears your skin, repairs UV damage, and provides a deep dose of hydration to restore your glow and make your skin amazing every day.

Night moisturizers like RECOVER ME should be applied after serums like REVIVE ME. Serums have a lighter formula and are absorbed quickly, and moisturizers can be layered on top. If you feel like this is too much moisture for your night routine, you can use  RECOVER ME or  REVIVE ME on their own.


100% Organic Argan Oil + I AM LOVE

Our  100% Organic Argan Oil is the perfect multitasker for active lifestyles. Argan contains a potent combination of fatty acids, Vitamin E and antioxidants, making it the perfect anti-aging, nourishing and moisturizing oil for skin that sweats.

I AM LOVE, co-created with Global Yoga Instructor Talia Sutra, is a luxurious, yet minimalistic, all-natural blend of 5 super-oils. These oils were carefully selected to create a wellspring of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, vitamins and nutrients.

Oils should be applied after serums, eye creams and moisturizers but before SPF creams. Applying an oil after an SPF means the products won’t work. Depending on your skin type you can use oils on their own, separate to other serums and moisturizers, or layered together. Argan oil can also be used all over the body and on hair in addition to using it on your face.

Argan oil can also be used all over the body and on hair in addition to using it on your face. 



GLOW ME / GLOW ME + is a revolutionary 3-in-1 formula specially formulated for skin that sweats. It protects skin from the sun with a broad spectrum SPF15/SPF30, it moisturizes with Argania Active Complex™ and it gives you a natural glow with a universal tint that blurs blemishes and evens skin tone.

You can use  GLOW ME GLOW ME +  instead of  PROTECT ME in the mornings for sun protection and light coverage. You can also mix it with  PROTECT ME for stronger sun coverage or mix it with foundation to increase the coverage.



REFRESH ME is a two-layer fine mist spray. The first layer contains argan and grapeseed oil for deep hydration, while the second layer contains radish, pea and watermelon extract as well as rose and ylang ylang essential oils to soothe and refresh. 

You can pretty much use  REFRESH ME whenever you want! It’s designed to instantly hydrate skin during or after a workout, refresh skin during the day, and to be used before and after makeup and other skincare products as a glow booster.



I AM JOY, co-created with Global Yoga Instructor Talia Sutra, is made with just nine natural ingredients. It supplies your skin with deeply nourishing vitamins, healing minerals and powerful antioxidants while maintaining the balance of pH levels which protect your skin. 

I AM JOY can be misted gently onto facial skin morning and night after cleansing, over makeup as a dewy setting spray or anytime your skin feels dull and dehydrated during the day. Applying  I AM JOY after you have cleansed helps prepare your skin for the best possible absorption of serums, moisturizers and oils. It is especially formulated to be used directly before applying  I AM LOVE.



C ME  is a brightening antioxidant serum that repairs dark spots and smoothes lines. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that prevents, protects and repairs damage caused by free radicals that come in contact with your skin. In this unique formula, Vitamin C is combined with argan oil for maximum benefits. Together these ingredients strengthen skin cells before and after sun exposure.

You can use C ME  in your morning skincare routine to brighten your skin and boost the effectiveness of your SPF. Apply C ME to a clean face or after applying REVIVE ME.  Once your skin has absorbed C ME, apply an SPF moisturizer, like PROTECT ME  or GLOW ME+.



RENEW ME  is an anti-wrinkle serum that reduces lines and wrinkles, leaving your skin smooth and youthful. Its unique formula combines bakuchiol, an all natural extract from babchi seeds, with FRÉ’s patented Argania Active Complex™. It will visibly reduce the signs of aging without irritating your skin.

You can use RENEW ME  in your night skincare routine to reduce lines and wrinkles. Apply RENEW ME  onto facial skin every evening after cleansing until it is fully absorbed. If you have never used bakuchiol before, use RENEW ME  once every other evening for the first month. Use REVIVE ME  on the nights that you do not use RENEW ME.  After applying RENEW ME,  you can apply moisturizers or facial oils.



CLEANSE ME  is a multipurpose micellar cleanser that cleanses facial skin, removes makeup and hydrates. It contains argan oil and argan leaf extract which nourish the skin with antioxidants and prevent irritation and acne.

You can use CLEANSE ME  instead of PURIFY ME  to wash your face in the morning. You also can use CLEANSE ME as the first part of a double cleanse in your night routine. Gently massage CLEANSE ME  onto wet skin and rinse it off. Then, do the second step of the double cleanse with PURIFY ME



I AM PURE,  co-created with Global Yoga Instructor Talia Sutra, is an all natural double-sided facial cleansing bar. The dark, detoxifying side of the bar contains Dead Sea mud, green clay and charcoal, which pull out excess oils and dirt from your skin. The creamy, soothing side is made with olive, coconut and almond oils and shea butter, which have anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

You can use I AM PURE  as the cleansing first step of your morning and night skincare routines, instead of PURIFY ME.  You can wash your face with the creamy side in the mornings. At night, you can do a double cleanse to remove the day’s grime that has built up on your face. Wash your face with the dark side and then wash your face with the creamy side.

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