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Introducing RECOVER ME

by Jude Jacob Kayton March 19, 2019

Introducing RECOVER ME

Leading an active life is exhilarating, inspiring and energy boosting. But, being active outdoors can badly impact your skin. The combination of sweat and sun increases the skin’s natural pH and impairs the delicate skin barrier. Short term, this can leave you with irritated, itchy skin. Long term, free radicals and oxidative stress can cause premature aging.

Get your glow on with FRÉ

Don’t sweat it; there’s a solution to all your active skin problems, and you can keep glowing without compromising. All you need is a skincare solution that works as hard as you do. While the123FRÉ Set was specially designed to provide day time skin with everything it needs, we are now excited to launch our brand new night care product:RECOVER ME.


Say goodbye to breakouts and damaged skin with Argania Active Complex©

RECOVER ME packs an extra strong punch of our patent-pending Argania Active Complex©. The formula combines the perfect amount of Argan oil, leaf water and stem cells for an unbeatable anti-oxidizing and anti-inflammatory effect. Argania Active Complex© was created together with our botanical dermatologist, Dr. Sharon Rozenblat. Our research shows that it is even more effective than current chemical solutions for treating both UV damage and inflammation.

Eliminate fine lines and wrinkles while you sleep!

The night is an especially important time for active skin. During the day the skin barrier works hard to protect itself from impurities. Nighttime is when skin naturally rests, rejuvenates and recovers from a tough day. This is the best time to give your skin a boost of potent, natural and moisture-rich ingredients. RECOVER ME works hard to prevent premature aging and repair damage to your skin while you sleep.


The Tree of Life

Argan oil is harvested from the desert Argan, also know, as “The Tree of Life”, a tree so resilient it survives the harshest and driest desert climes. The Amazigh women of Morocco have used Argan to cure health ailments and skincare issues for hundreds of years. Our formula brings you Argan’s potent antioxidants and hydrating properties to build your skin resilience, reduce the signs of aging and improve skin’s elasticity.


Our formula helps skin hydrate & recover overnight

RECOVER ME also contains:

  • Hyaluronic acid, which creates dewy, hydrated skin by reducing water loss.
  • Coco-caprylate that provides another natural boost of hydration.
  • Copper tripeptide works to improve your skin’s elasticity, firmness and repair the signs of aging.
  • Tocopherol, a form of Vitamin E with well-known anti-oxidizing properties.

Try RECOVER ME and start your mornings with glowing skin.





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