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Kara Winger's Skincare Tips

by Pam Green October 31, 2019

Kara Winger's Skincare Tips


Meet FRÉ Ambassador Kara Winger: An outdoorsy, dog-loving, 3 x Olympic Javelin Thrower and American Record Holder. Originally from Washington, but now a happy wife living in gorgeous Colorado. 

What is your skin type?

Living at altitude and in this dry climate my skin is parched. Always. I also have adult acne-prone skin, haha, but at least it is a good balance of oily and dry, so pretty neutral.

Top 3 Skincare tips?

My three tips to better skin are:

  2. Recognize your skincare routine for what it is: A ritual. I absolutely love the experience of one whole minute of Purify Me, and being grateful for that one whole minute of quiet and self-care at a time. I try to extend that to the rest of my routine too, noticing how nice it feels to massage my face with Protect Me, Revive Me or Recover Me, depending on the time of day!
  3. Get to know your own skin. As someone with adult acne, I've gone through a LOT of trial and error. It took so much effort to figure out what works for me in terms of spotting problem areas early and treating them fast, but I'm so happy with the results (thanks to a great dermatologist and excellent products as well!). 


Which is your favoriteFRÉ?

Protect Body and I Am Love are my favorite products of the moment. I spend my life outside, whether at practice or spending time with family, and being able to protect my shoulders, neck, and chest with sunscreen that doesn't make me sweat profusely is so important. By the same token, I haven't done that enough in my 33 years, so I'm noticing some signs of age in my chest and neck skin! I Am Love helps me to appreciate those areas nightly with a little ritual of moisturizing oil (sometimes I combine with Glow Body, too!). 

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