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Get inspired by FRÉ Ambassador Katrina Surdi

by Aaron AD February 13, 2018

Get inspired by FRÉ Ambassador Katrina Surdi

For Katrina Surdi, it’s not just about her sweat, it’s about her everyday skincare routine, and finding a product that works on her dry skin, empowering her with confidence and love.

She says, “To start with, I was gifted with good genetics and good skin – but that’s only the beginning. I make sure to take good care of my skin, both by what I put in my body – eating healthy – and what I put on my body – natural ingredients and Argan essential oils. The Argan oil is amazing, helping me to conquer the dry winter weather that is so harsh on our skin.

“But it’s not just winter, I also work out and sweat. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a lady who sweats. My interest in fitness began with a gift from my husband: a pass for unlimited Spin classes at the community center. Now I’m a Spin instructor, helping other women start their own fitness routines, and working out and sweating are a regular part of my life. It makes me feel fierce, and strong.

“And this is where FRÉ is truly special – it’s made for women who sweat. FRÉ is specially formulated to protect our skin when we sweat and as our sweat dries, leaving us with a beautiful glow. With FRÉ, I like to say that I sparkle!”

Katrina is active on Instagram (@katrina_tiu), where you can learn more about her world of fitness, healthy diet, and healthy skin.  



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