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Keep Glowing Despite the Dry Winter Weather

by Lorisa Hasenbush November 29, 2021

Keep Glowing Despite the Dry Winter Weather

Now is the time for winter sports! It feels great to be active whether through skiing and skating outside, or by getting your sweat on indoors. The cold winter winds and super dry heating systems in the gym are not going to stop us. But dry, red, flaky winter skin is irritating and itchy. Fortunately, FRÉ is here to help you glide through these winter months with glowing skin!

Get clean after you sweat
You know that the cold temperatures outside do not stop you from sweating. If anything, you are sweating more; try running errands while wearing a big parka or shoveling the walkway without breaking a sweat! Annoyingly, sweat leaves salts and toxins on the skin which can lead to breakouts. Make sure to use a hydrating cleanser, like  CLEANSE ME or  PURIFY ME, and warm water to clean up after a good sweat.  CLEANSE ME containshyaluronic acid which helps skin retain moisture, and  PURIFY ME containsaloe-vera which soothes and nourishes red, irritated skin. 

Make sure to use a hydrating cleanser, like CLEANSE ME or PURIFY ME, and warm water to clean up after a good sweat.

Hydrate and hydrate again
The cold, dry air outdoors and the hot, dry air indoors can leave your skin begging for moisture. After you wash up, moisturize your face with a hydrating serum, like  REVIVE ME, and moisturize your body with a nourishing oil, like  GLOW BODY.  REVIVE ME’s formula has sterols; they help keep skin hydrated and replenish lost minerals.   GLOW BODY is made up of botanical oils, including jojoba seed oil and avocado oil, both of which condition the skin. 

After moisturizing your skin, usingFRÉ’s  100% Organic Argan Oil is a great way to increase hydration in your skincare routine. It is rich in fatty acids, which hydrate the skin, and antioxidants that nourish the skin. You can massage the oil onto your face to double up hydration, and you can apply a couple of drops of the  100% Organic Argan Oil to any dry patches of skin, including lips, knees and elbows to make your skin smooth and vibrant.

Skin damaging UV rays work hard all year. Make sure to protect your skin with a hydrating SPF, like GLOW ME or PROTECT ME.

Protect your face
You might be covered up to your chin in a woolen scarf or have your Polartec fleece jacket halfway unzipped, but whatever skin is exposed is at the mercy of UV rays. Remember, those skin damaging rays work hard all year, even if you are on vacation snowshoeing. Make sure to protect your skin with a hydrating SPF, like  GLOW ME or  PROTECT ME.  GLOW ME tinted defense moisturizer evens skin tone and hydrates your skin, while protecting your face with SPF 15, and  PROTECT ME’s SPF 30 is the way to go if you plan to be out in the snow all day, as  fresh snow can reflect up to 80% of UV rays.

Winter is a wonderful time to be active and outdoors. Between sledding and hockey and daily chores, including shoveling, there always is something to do.FRÉ will help you keep your skin glowing during your busy winter routine, so be sure to wash with a hydrating cleanser, moisturize with nourishing serums and oil and protect your skin with a moisturizing SPF.  

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