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Mariah DelPercio-- Fitness, Football, and FRÉ

by Tal Carmel July 16, 2018

Mariah DelPercio-- Fitness, Football, and FRÉ

Age: 22
Occupation: Certified Personal Trainer and proud NFL wife

As someone who knew sports were not her area of expertise,Mariah, a self-proclaimed planner, wanted to find a different way to keep herself fit and healthy. She researched fitness and nutrition regimens, hitting the books as hard as the gym. Through her efforts, she developed her career path in health and fitness. As a woman who admittedly sweats a lot and gives all or nothing, she values good skincare and the “just do it” attitude, vowing that fitness and health should never be an option, but rather a requirement.

Getting on Track:

I was never good at sports growing up, but I played sports throughout high school. I finally admitted to myself, sometime around my sophomore-junior year, that I was not good enough to continue with sports in college and that I’d need to find some other way to keep exercising and caring for my health. Since I’m a planner, I wanted a fitness regimen that would provide me with longevity. I’m an all or nothing person. So, I got myself a gym membership and started looking into bodybuilding, fitness, and nutrition. I wrote myself fitness programs and spent hours researching how different exercises and nutrition work for your body. My passion for the wellness industry led to me majoring in sports nutrition in college. It spiraled from there and I went all in with it and got my personal trainer certification.

"The results are directly correlated to the work I put in and I like that"

While I always appreciated the guidance and camaraderie of sports, working out on my own afforded me the freedom to focus on the things I wanted. I get more of what I want out of my exercises, because I can tailor each training session to the area I want to work on. The results are directly correlated to the work I put in and I like that. I got into all of this training, because I didn’t want to get to a point in my life where I couldn’t move or I ached all the time, as a result of things I didn’t do when I was younger. I like pushing myself. I can always do more, be better, be stronger. I feel like it’ll help me later in life.

Football Fitness:

When my boyfriend and I first moved to Tampa, Florida, forChris’s training, his coaches were saying he had an unfair advantage, because he was married to a personal trainer. The truth is we love working out together. We motivate each other. There are so many couples where only one partner works out and the other sits at home. But for us, it’s so fun to push each other, motivate each other, and teach each other. Chris comes to me to learn proper form for exercises, and, in the off season, I’ll write him a program based on what he wants to improve. Then, he’ll come home some days and show me different core exercises andrunning drills (not that I know anything about running drills!). Fitness is such a big part of our lives, because it’s literally what we both do all day long.  It’s cool that we can combine our two fitness worlds.

As a personal trainer and someone who makes a living on fitness and training the body, I wish people would stop looking at other peoples bodies and try to emulate them. I never looked at someone else’s body and thought to myself ‘I wish I looked like that’. I have always focused on myself in terms of the body I have, and I asked myself ‘how can I enhance it?’ I always try to tell people not to get caught up in the end results and where theywant to be.

"Make fitness a requirement for yourself, not an option. You can’t rely on motivation, you rely on mentality."

But, rather to focus on what they can do, and where they can get. You’re capable of so much. It’s all about your mentality. You have to decide that you’re going to do something and then go for it. Make fitness a requirement for yourself, not an option. You can’t rely on motivation, you rely on mentality. Some days, you won’t have motivation, on those days you have to change your mentality, rather than thinking ‘maybe I'll work out today’ think ‘when will I work out today’, make it part of your routine. I won’t lie, having a boyfriend who shares in that passion and mentality with me definitely helps.


The FRÉ Effect:

As someone who is constantly working out and sweating, you wouldn’t think I’d care so much about skincare, but I’m obsessed with it. Especially once we moved to Florida, I felt like I was sweating 24-hours a day; I really started looking for a regimen I could follow that would help me keep my skin in check. FRÉ made it easy. The first time I put it on, my skin was glowing and it immediately decreased my redness. Taking care of your skin, especially immediately after a workout, is so important! Letting sweat sit on your skin is really bad for your complexion.

"I don’t want to have to put makeup on every time I want to leave the house..."

So, it is very important to wash your face as soon as possible after sweating it out at the gym. I live in Florida and do all of this stuff where I sweat, like just walking outside to get the mail... I don’t want to have to put makeup on every time I want to leave the house in order to cover up a face full of blemishes or discoloration, and, honestly, FRÉ gave me that freedom. It cleared and smoothed my skin to the point where all I have to do is apply some mascara and I’m ready to go. My advice to anyone looking for a new skincare regimen is to just try FRÉ.


Rapid Fire:

  • What are you most excited about in life right now?
    • It might sound silly, but, honestly, I’m just so happy in life right now, so I’m most excited about just being alive.
  • What’s something you’d still love to learn?
    • Strength and conditioning.
  • Where do you hope to see yourself in 5 years from now?
    • I want to grow my personal training business; I want to help more people and have a larger reach.
  • Who do you admire the most?
    • Chris, my boyfriend. He’s the type of person who gives three times what's expected of him.
  • What’s the best advice that you’ve ever received in your life?
    • Don’t worry about what other people think of you, because that’s none of your business.
  • What advice would you offer to your 16 year old self?
    • To not be so judgemental. I’m a completely different person now from when I was 16. I was very judgemental when I was younger.
  • What does it mean to be a woman today?
    • Shattering gender stereotypes and learning to be a ‘person’. It’s about realizing that you can do whatever you want to do regardless of body parts.
  • What comes to mind when you think of FRÉ ?
    • Glowing! I always read reviews, and people would always say that after using FRÉ their skin was glowing. I had no idea what that meant until I actually tried it myself, and then I had that ‘ah-ha’ moment, and finally understood what that meant.
  • What is one skincare tip you swear by?  
    • I wash my face every single morning, every single night before bed, and after every single time I sweat a lot. Just keep your skin clean.


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