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Meet Amanda Conner, FRÉ’s New Sustainability Ambassador

by Lorisa Hasenbush November 29, 2021

Meet Amanda Conner, FRÉ’s New Sustainability Ambassador


About Amanda:  Aloha! I’m Amanda Conner, and you can almost always find me near or in the ocean. I’m a yoga instructor, surfer, hydration specialist and passionate about sustainability. I'm thrilled to be FRÉ's new eco ambassador and will be running quarterly lives, talking about all things sustainable!

What led you to become FRÉ’s eco ambassador?

I love how FRÉ is becoming more sustainable and it’s my joy to help others on that journey! FRÉ’s ethics and brand mission align with me as well, and being a part of the team and adding value is my honor!

Tell us about the eco Lives you will be doing each quarter.

Each quarter, I will be sharing new product designs, tips on how to refuse, reduce and recycle, the ethical stories behind FRÉ, and much more. If you have any questions or want me to cover something specific, message me and I will talk about it on the next Live.

What does sustainability mean to you and why is it so important?

To me personally, sustainability means to leave things better than you find them. What we do today impacts our future.

I’m a surfer and an ocean lover and seeing the beaches filled with plastic and rubbish breaks my heart. We can do better.

What inspires you on your journey to be sustainable and help others be more sustainable? 

I’m a surfer and an ocean lover and seeing the beaches filled with plastic and rubbish breaks my heart. We can do better. I know I can’t physically clean every beach or wave I’m on, but I CAN do my part wherever I am. Be it big or small, every action we take matters. My prayer is that when others see me doing my part, they will be inspired to do theirs. Sometimes, we don’t even need words, just the action carried out with pure love speaks volumes.

How do purchasing decisions make an impact?

Choosing sustainable brands makes a bigger impact than the eye can see. When you buy from a sustainable brand, you keep small businesses afloat, you help support hungry families, you give workers purpose, and of course, you keep our planet cleaner.

As individuals, what else can we do to protect our planet? 

It’s the everyday things that we don’t even think about. Instead of throwing that ziplock bag away, reuse it till it can’t be used. Bring your reusable mug when you get a coffee. Forgot your reusable bag for your groceries? Ask for them to use paper bags. Choose an emailed receipt over a printed one. Pick up that one piece of rubbish that everyone else keeps walking over. The list goes on! And I would love to share more small daily things that make a difference for our planet.

How can the FRÉ community help create a safer and healthier planet? 

Reuse all glass bottles and use the packaging for gifts (which is perfect for the upcoming holidays). You can also give a FRÉ Set to others, sharing how that set helped plant a new argan tree. Honestly, choosing FRÉ over any over the counter skincare lines is far more impactful for our planet. FRÉ strives to keep getting better and better.

It thrills me that FRÉ is striving towards being a fully sustainable brand.

What is your vision for FRÉ? What do you feel we are doing right, and what can be improved? 

It thrills me that FRÉ is even striving towards being a fully sustainable brand. That is a beast to tackle! I love that FRÉ’s prices are still affordable, considering how incredible their products really are. They go above and beyond, and truly listen to any suggestions that might be voiced. Some improvements for the future? A thought I had was a “Recycle Me Program.” Buyers can send in their empty bottles/tubes to be recycled and reused, or even just having a simple card in the box explaining how to recycle or reuse their empty products.

What other eco brands do you love?

FRÉ, of course ;)

Enagic makes in-home water ionizers that change the pH levels of your water. Not only do I have incredible drinking water, but I can use ionized water for so many things. I use 2.5pH water as a sanitizer to clean the house and even get rid of fungus. I use 11.5pH water as a degreaser, so I use it to clean dishes, get pesticides off produce, and even as a laundry detergent. And there’s so much more!  It’s life changing.

Wolven has a mission statement that says “make sustainability sexy.” And I couldn’t agree more! They are an activewear line, and for every order made, they collect 1 pound of ocean-bound plastic.

The Humble Co makes personal care products that are designed and manufactured under the supervision of a team of dentists. They are eco-friendly and socially responsible. They make premium products, while striving to help our planet.

What’s your daily skincare routine? 

I wash my face with 6.0pH water and use  GLOW ME and  I AM JOY mist. If I’m going to be out in the sun, I’ll use PROTECT BODY all over with  GLOW BODY.

If I’m going to be out in the sun, I’ll use PROTECT BODY all over with GLOW BODY.

In the shower (showering in 6.0ph water), I use  CLEANSE ME and PURIFY ME. Out of the shower, I’ll use  REVIVE ME or  RECOVER ME (I like to switch between these two). And for my hair, I love putting the  100% Organic Argan Oil on my tips.

Throughout the day, I will sprinkle in other products when needed. I use almost every product some time during the week! I love FRÉ so much, and my skin has never felt so happy.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with us? 

Again, if you have any questions, I would be honored to answer them!
I am thrilled to be FRÉ’s eco ambassador!

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