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Meet Annie Miller, Strength Coach, Mentor, Educator & Influencer Winner of our exclusive ambassador trip to Israel

by Jude Jacob Kayton March 03, 2020

Meet Annie Miller, Strength Coach, Mentor, Educator & Influencer Winner of our exclusive ambassador trip to Israel

About me

My name is Annie Micheal Miller (Swedblom), and I value authenticity above all else. I am equal parts strength coach, business mentor, educator and influencer; and I tend to not care much about what people think. I love my husband, lifting weights, sleeping, traveling the world, and dinosaurs. I was born in Vancouver, Washington where I still live, but I’m currently on year two of traveling the world.

My entrepreneurial journey 

I graduated college with a degree in Exercise and Sport Science and became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, working in college athletics. And then, I realized that this was not ACTUALLY my dream. After a slight depression, in 2015, I created what was then “Fitdesignbyannie,” my online fitness training company. I knew a lot about fitness but literally 0% about business. With the help of business mentors and A LOT of trial and straight up failure, I had a little business up and running by 2017. In 2018, I really honed in on my audience, messaging and offers, and changed the name from Fitdesignbyannie to Annie Miller Concepts. 

I had grown a sustainable enough income in 2018 for my husband, Nate, and I to start traveling the world. So we picked up and started travelling, which both pushed me and allowed me to grow my business further. I had to go all in, because there was no other choice. I was the only income. But I welcomed the pressure. Now, I remain the breadwinner, and Nate has “retired” for lack of a better term. He supports me, and I’d rather he not work. It just means more time with my best friend. Five years after getting my business license, I’ve got BIG dreams for the future of Annie Miller Concepts. Feels like we’re barely getting started.


Traveling the world

We’re currently in the middle of a road trip through Patagonia. Then we head to Australia to visit a friend we met during our travels in 2018. We love road trips, so after Australia we’ll start another road trip through Japan, and then head south for another road trip through New Zealand before heading to Israel with FRÉ! 

The most inspiring place I’ve visited so far is the Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia. When you go during the wet season it straight up looks like heaven on earth. You can’t tell what is sky and what is land. It’s like nowhere else on this planet. Truly awe inspiring.

Why I love FRÉ

First off, FRÉ’s products WORK. I searched for almost seven years to find a skincare routine that didn’t irritate my skin. My biggest issue is how sensitive my skin is to travel, to products, to AIR. With traveling often, flying, time zone changes, and being in different climates it can be a real challenge to keep my skin happy and hydrated. These days I live on the  DETOX ME mask and use the  123FRÉ Set religiously. When I first started using FRÉ it was a big deal to me that they employed and empowered women and had a social cause. FRÉ is so much more than just skincare.

What Women’s Day means to me

It’s a day to celebrate the liberty we have as women and how far we have come. Culturally in a lot of places outside of the U.S., women are oppressed and suppressed. Women’s Day is a reminder to do all that you can in your freedom as a woman. Women before us fought for our rights, and now we have them. We can build businesses, lift weights, get the highest level of education, speak on panels, have babies, or not, be in congress, change laws, support businesses, employ other women and so much more. 

Being part of FRÉ

I got involved back in 2017. I had just worked with a dermatologist to heal my adult acne, and I was in the process of finding a skincare routine that didn’t involve seven products from five different companies. FRÉ reached out, asking if they could send me a set to try.

After just one week of using just the 123FRÉ Set, my skin was the best it had been since I was 18 years old. I was sold. 

Since then, I’ve been very involved in the brand and last May my husband and I visited Morocco, along with two other ambassadors. Needless to say, it was an UH-MAZING experience. We met the women who work planting trees and harvesting the argan. We learned so much about FRÉ as a company, its mission and its passionate owners, and of course made real life friends out of internet friends through the ambassador community. This year we are THRILLED to be heading to Israel for another meet up and celebration of a successful year with FRÉ.

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