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Meet FRÉ Ambassador Carolina Lopez-Tejero, Psychologist, Health Coach & Blogger 

Jude Jacob Kayton April 30, 2020



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About me:  I was born in Madrid and currently live in Amsterdam. I’m a mom of two little girls, a Psychologist, Health Coach and Blogger.

My fitness journey

I’ve always been into fitness. I work out from home using different platforms. One platform I love is  obé fitness. I find inspiration from other professionals and follow their moves and fitness methods. I usually work out for about 50 minutes a day. I love everything barre related and ballet/dance types of movement.  

Wellness Coaching

I’ve been a Psychologist since I can remember! I’ve traveled and moved around the world a lot and during my travels I decided to focus more on wellness coaching. I use Facetime and Google hangouts to connect with clients and help them live their most balanced lifestyles -  teaching them how to eat, move and connect with themselves. It works well - and especially now during the pandemic. I have clients from all around the world: from the US, Tel Aviv, London and more.


"My blog is all about living a healthy lifestyle and it's a place to share my passions in the most genuine way."


Becoming a blogger

I’m a big lover of beauty products and especially clean beauty, so everything started with that. A good friend told me I should start a blog because I was so good at sharing my thoughts on different products. I started with beauty and then began incorporating fitness and recipes too. Now my blog is all about living a healthy lifestyle and it's a place to share my passions in the most genuine way. 

My top skincare hacks

I have a number of DIY recipes that I swear by! Here are two of my favorites:

    • Turmeric and whipped cream mask: for dark circles & fine lines around eyes and lips(inspired by my friend @sorayashawky)
      • First take 2 teaspoons of turmeric (don’t use too much turmeric because it will stain). Add a little olive oil and mix into a paste. 
      • Slowly add whipped cream and mix together with a spoon until it has the right consistency to apply as a mask.
      • Apply using a small spoon and leave for 15-20 minutes.
  • Dragon fruit firming mask: it’s packed with antioxidants & Vitamin E and will leave skin softer, firmer and more toned.
      • You need: half a dragon fruit, 1 teaspoon of honey, 1/2 a teaspoon of olive oil or 100% vitamin E oil. 
      • Mash and mix all the ingredients together. 
      • Apply to your face and leave for around 15 minutes. 
      • Relax and enjoy while you eat the other half!


    "I tell my clients to stick with what keeps them grounded and focused. A good way to do this is to pick 3 things they want to keep doing every day."



    Coping with Covid-19

    I tell my clients to stick with what keeps them grounded and focused. A good way to do this is to pick 3 things they want to keep doing every day. These must be actions that spark joy and can be anything including exercise, home cooking and skincare (even something as simple as putting a face mask on or wearing lipstick counts). It’s also a good idea to learn to manage your energy at home. Movement levels are very different to normal and exercise is so important. I always say “show up for yourself, don’t just wear pajamas all day”.

    My daily routine

    Routine is so crucial! These days my routine looks like this: I wake up and eat breakfast then put my workout clothes on. I take care of my daughters (ages 4 and 7), and while they do homework I do a workout for about 50 mins. I’m also studying for a Masters in Health Coaching right now so I’m focused on that when I’m not busy working with clients.

    Overall, the situation has brought us closer to nature. I take my girls to the canal and feed the ducks, we look for animals and we get creative in nature, playing with what we find like sticks and flowers. When we come home we bring some of the flowers back with us for arts and crafts activities.  I also home cook every day and always use lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Sleep is important and I need 8-9 hours to feel good, so I always go to sleep early.

    Why I loveFRÉ

    I suffer from hormonal imbalances andFRÉ’sDETOX ME has been amazing. When I’m experiencing breakouts I use it 3 times a week till my skin clears up. My husband also lovesFRÉ. 

    My favorite products areDETOX ME,GLOW BODY and theBRIGHTEN ME eye cream, which has an instant plumping effect.

    Rapid Fire:

      • Favorite exercise?  Bar
      • What comes to mind when you think of FRÉ?  Glow
      • What are you most excited about in life right now?  My health coaching 
      • What’s something you’d still love to learn?  More about nutrition 
      • If you were a hashtag, what would you be?  #myhealthylivingjourney
      • What’s the best advice that you’ve ever received in your life?  Start a blog!
      • What social causes are you involved with?  Fabretto, an NGO that empowers children and families living in poverty in Nicaragua through education
      • What inspires you most?  Healthy living 

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