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Meet FRÉ Ambassador Kristen Garzone, Mother, Runner & Athlete

by Jude Jacob Kayton February 02, 2020

Meet FRÉ Ambassador Kristen Garzone, Mother, Runner & Athlete

About me: I was born in Great Barrington, Massachuttes, and, currently, I live in Troy, New York. I tend to take things to extremes: if I love something, I love it a lot! And I’m relentless—if I commit to something, I’m all in, 100%. I’m constantly trying to be the best version of myself.

Goals for 2020

My regular goals are to be more present and to try not to worry about what’s ahead. I want to embrace every moment.

My running goals are to break 4 hours in the marathon and 1.50 in the half marathon.

I’ll be running in the New Jersey half marathon in April and then in the Chicago marathon in October. 

Get involved with every mother counts

I’m part ofEvery Mother Counts, a Foundation set up byChristy Turlington Burns after her own traumatic birth story. The Foundation’s aim is to make maternal health everywhere in the world safer. I connected with this because I struggled with postpartum depression myself and also lost my dear friend Kristin to it. You can read more about my struggles with PPDHERE

I’ve been an ambassador for Every Mother Counts for the past 2 years. I host virtual runs and donate the money. I also run “Happy Hours” and “Yoga for Runners.” There are lots of practical ways to get involved. Take a look at the websiteHERE. Although it’s a US based charity, it works worldwide and shares a lot of amazing content. To get involved you can donate, organize runs, sign up for virtual runs, and more. We would also love if you are able to share your story of mothers’ rights or postpartum depression. Your experience matters, and this is something we can share on the FRÉ blog.

Postpartum Depression

I first told my postpartum depression story on the FRÉ’s blog and I’m grateful for that opportunity. But at the time, I don’t think I really communicated how bad it was. I should have gotten help a few weeks after the birth, but instead it took getting to 7 months postpartum and losing a friend to PPD to push me to get help. The first 2 years of my daughter’s life I was in a haze. My husband was with my daughter and I felt I lived a separate life. I threw myself into running which kept me alive.

Social media is a lifeline

I’m lucky to have a great following on Instagram. I am able to share my truth and my struggles there and help other people who are struggling with mental health. It has been really rewarding and therapeutic for me. Often, people comment on my posts. Yesterday a mother who was 6 weeks postpartum told me she didn’t know that what she was experiencing was PPD till she read my post. 

Skincare as a runner & a mom

Becoming a Mom meant I was hormonal and breaking out. Now I have a lot of blemishes and discoloration from running in the sun so much, and also sweaty skin. My skin never felt fully clean, but FRÉ really helps. Today, I use123FRÉ religiously and addI AM LOVE to theREVIVE ME serum every morning. I wearGLOW ME every day and, at night, I always useRECOVER ME - I’m obsessed with it. I recently started using theBRIGHTEN ME eye cream twice a day.

My favorite FRÉ

If I had to choose just one it would beGLOW ME. I never wore much makeup to begin with but now I don’t need anything at all. It goes on evenly and adds great light coverage to my face.

My journey as a FRÉ ambassador

In August 2017, FRÉ reached out to me on IG asking me to try the products. It was a hot summer and I was training for my first marathon postpartum. I started using the products thinking “yay free product,” and then fell totally in love with them. The highlight of my ambassador journey so far was going to Morocco. I never thought I would go to Africa, and meeting the women of the Argan cooperative was an amazing thing. I’m really excited for the upcoming trip to Israel. It's been a dream ever since I started working with FRÉ. I look forward to meeting the team and being there in person.

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