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Meet FRÉ Ambassador Natasha Dowie, Soccer Striker for AC Milan

by Jude Jacob March 01, 2021

Meet FRÉ Ambassador Natasha Dowie, Soccer Striker for AC Milan


About me:I was born in Abu Dhabi in the UAE. My Dad worked for General Electric. I grew up in the UK. Now I play for Milan, and in the past I’ve played for Norway, Sweden and the US. I love to make others smile and spread good energy to as many people as possible - especially within my sport.

My fitness journey

My family is big on football. My uncle and father both played professionally. My Dad had 2 girls and I’m the oldest. I was definitely the tomboy of the family. My Dad took me under his wing and I started playing soccer aged 3. Initially I wasn’t allowed to join any teams, because they were all male. Then aged 14, I started playing in a women’s team. Soon after, I made the English national team for under 17s. I was at Fulham, Watford, then moved up north and played for Everton - I became serious about my sport and won the FA cup for Everton. I represented my country in a World Cup when I was under the age of 20 and by the time I was 24 I was a full time professional athlete living in Liverpool. I won the league there.


"By the time I was 24 I was a full time professional athlete living in Liverpool. I won the league there."


I moved to Boston where I played for 2 years and then played for 6 years in Australia. I'm 32 now and feel I have a lot of years left to play. I’m trying to experience different lifestyles and cultures as much as possible. Right now I’m playing for Milan and the language barrier is a challenge, but an exciting one.

The importance of teamwork

I’ve always been happiest when I've had a connection with teammates on and off the pitch, when we want to help each other become better athletes and better people. It's rare to find the chemistry where the whole team gets on. I had an amazing team in Liverpool, it was the best I've experienced and we won back to back. We never gave up and always believed we could win. 

Fitness tips

  1. Nutrition is key.You have to eat what makes you happy. I've never been on diets or limited the food I eat. Lots of protein and fruit and vegetables are essential. Now and again there is no harm in treating yourself. 
  2. Sleep is so important. I love napping in the day even if it's just half an hour. If that doesn’t work, a relaxing bath is great too.
  3. I wish I was better at meditation!I do 15-20 minutes of yoga and it really helps with my performance. It’s important to keep supple and flexible. 

The women’s game

People often ask about the gender divide, but I don't like to compare the women’s and the men's game. The size, support and money of the men's game is so different. I like to focus on where the women's game is going and how it's going in the right direction. At the start of my career I earned pennies. Today women can live off the women’s game, and this is very positive. The men are in the limelight 24/7 - they are celebrities and we aren’t - but, on a personal level this is not something I would want. Overall, I’m happy to see the women’s game is going from strength to strength.


"I’m happy to see the women’s game is going from strength to strength."



I have very fair skin, I’m a typical english rose. When I'm in the surn I burn easily and I have lots of moles. I have to be really careful to protect my skin. I've played in Australia where the sun is the strongest in the world, and skin cancer is huge over there. My parents have both had cancerous moles, so I have my moles checked every 6 months. Also, because I train everyday I sweat constantly which really dries my skin.

Until a few years ago I would just use cleansing wipes after training and that was it. My sister and Mum told me to cleanse and exfoliate and moisturize. I would make fun of my Mum for her elaborate routine. Then, 2 years ago, I was offered a free facial as a player. I did a skin scan. On the outside my skin looked great, but on the inside there was so much sun damage. It woke me up a bit. Since then I’ve really started taking care of my skin.


FRÉ has been great, and a lot of my friends use FRÉ. IIn the morning I cleanse with PURIFY ME, moisturize with REVIVE ME then apply PROTECT ME facial moisturizer with SPF30. Once or twice a week I use the DETOX ME mask. People really notice the difference and tell me I’m glowing. 

Rapid Fire:

  • Favorite exercise?Soccer
  • What does sweat mean to you?Working hard 
  • What comes to mind when you think of FRÉ?Looking good 
  • What are you most excited about in life right now?Getting to travel with my wife and best friend again
  • What’s something you’d still love to learn?How to dance professionally 
  • If you were a hashtag, what would you be?#happinessandhealth
  • What’s the best advice that you’ve ever received in your life?To always do your best
  • What is an issue that you wish we spoke about more often?Mental health
  • What does women’s empowerment mean in 2021?For me it is powerful how many role models are out there. When I was growing up I had role models in the men's game but now there are powerful women in football, business and leadership roles globally. 
  • What are your dreams for the FRÉ community?For me to grow the name worldwide where I have played, and for my friends and family to all start using FRÉ!

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