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Meet FRÉ Ambassador Tanner Hobbs, Coach, Mentor & Public Speaker Winner of our exclusive ambassador trip to Israel

by Jude Jacob Kayton April 01, 2020

Meet FRÉ Ambassador Tanner Hobbs, Coach, Mentor & Public Speaker Winner of our exclusive ambassador trip to Israel


About me: I was born in Georgetown, Kentucky and I just moved back to the farm I grew up on. I’m a believer in God, a wife, and someone who helps others find more freedom in their lives.

Chasing Freedom

My businessChasing Freedom focuses on two things. The first is holistic health coaching, which involves creating a lifestyle that is cohesive to who you want to become as well as something you can stick to for the rest of your life. It’s about nutrition, mindset, spiritual health and movement. I’ve been running a podcast on all things holistic health-related for the past 2 years.

I talk a lot about freedom and how to live free and step away from bondage. Sometimes, bondage is more comfortable than the unknowns of freedom.

The other side of Chasing Freedom is business mentorship. I help people turn their ideas into business and create income for their families. 


Helping our world survive Covid 19

Right now life feels different and scary. My main tip is be careful where you spend your time. You have permission to feel and you don’t need to run from your feelings. BUT, know where your feelings come from. Personally, I know that when I consume a lot of social media my anxiety increases. And the information I get doesn’t affect the way I live and isn’t always necessary. We also spend a lot of time on social media because we want to feel close to people, but it’s important to create boundaries.

Everyone has the responsibility to choose what they want to get out of life right now. It could be internal growth through reading, listening to podcasts and playing games. It could be family time you wouldn’t otherwise have. This is a time in which we can be less fast paced, and part of the issue is a sort of culture shock: we are not used to this new pace and we don’t know what to do with ourselves.


My daily routine

I’m sleeping in more than I used to. The world has slowed down and there’s less pressure to work. I journal and read and look at the Bible in the morning when I wake up. My husband and I then do a daily chit-chat podcast before work in which we talk about our reality and feelings. After that I work all day - generally from 9 to 5 but I try to get outside and walk when the weather is good. Then we chill out: watch TV, read, and call people.

These days, I’m more active than before. I take a lot more walks and stretch more. I’m more aware of my health. I have dumbbells and things at home but there’s a lot we can do with body weight. I know that moving my body will create a better me, and if we all get better, the world grows as a whole.


What I love about FRÉ

I’m obsessed! I use all the products and they are a big part of my lifestyle and routine.

After 3 years of using the products, I still look forward to using them every day.

My face is so exposed to the sun, and there’s a lot of cancer in my family so for me it’s important to have a routine that protects my skin, and I’m happy to offer that to others as well. My favorite product isI AM LOVE for the winter, and in the summer,PROTECT ME.I AM LOVE is so hydrating and makes my skin feel glowy.


My ambassador journey

I’ve been involved with FRÉ for 3 years. As the company grows, it's great to see how much they give as a whole. They are always focused on me as an individual and not just on their sales or products. I have strong personal connections with the company, so for me it’s really about the people.

I’m excited about winning a trip to Israel. Although it’s now postponed because of the pandemic, visiting the Holy Land has always been on my bucket list. I’m also excited to see the people and the environment of FRÉ as well as meet other ambassadors: there’s something special about an in-person connection.


Belong Conference September 2020 

I’m organizing an event in Louisville, Kentucky for women who are dreamers or new to growing their business and who want to scale. There will be over 300 women coming in for an entire day to grow in their faith and their business. We have vendors and sponsors like FRÉ joining us to share their business models and show other businesses their successes. It’s all about sharing examples, speakers and music. ClickHERE for more information.


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