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Meet FRÉ Ambassador Tobi Angela, Dancer & Fitness Junkie

by Jude Jacob December 02, 2020

Meet FRÉ Ambassador Tobi Angela, Dancer & Fitness Junkie


About me:  I was born in Jamaica and I currently live in the Cayman Islands. I moved here when I was 6. I’m a friendly and energetic person who loves to be active and give back to my community. 

My fitness journey

I grew up dancing and have danced my whole life. I did a bit of everything: tap, jazz, and modern. I moved to Philadelphia for college and had a dance scholarship. I performed with the University Dance Company. The funny thing is I never thought about fitness, because I was always dancing.

Later, I moved to London to study marketing management and continued going to dance studios and making friends in the dance community. Dance was a great way to meet people outside of school. After graduating, I was transferred to Tampa for work. There aren’t as many dance studios for adults in Tampa, so I started yoga, hot yoga, and got really into  Orangetheory,  which is all about cardio and strength. When I decided to move back home, I joined  F45  which is HIIT based.

The funny thing is I never thought about fitness, because I was always dancing.

Fitness tips

  1. Try things even if you don’t think you are good at them.  Different fitness styles can be intimidating. Don't be put off. Hardly anyone is good at something the first time they do it!
  2. Stretching helps with everything!  Pinterest has great stretches! Focus on different parts of the body.


I’m usually very social and involved in  Rotaract Blue,  a nonprofit in the Cayman Islands where I help with fundraising, beach cleaning and more. It is a huge part of my life and it is really hard to be without it during the pandemic. I also live alone which is challenging. It is a difficult time, but it is also good to see people supporting each other in different ways. A lot of online fitness platforms offer free classes. One benefit for me was that I met with a dermatologist before the pandemic, so I could really focus on my skin while in lockdown. 


I have combination skin and my skin has changed a lot in the last year, since I started using FRÉ. Right now my skincare routine is all about maintenance and making sure my skin doesn’t get too oily or dry. I used to have really bad hormonal acne, which left scarring and pigmentation. I didn't have breakouts all the time, but when I did it would take a long time to clear. I ended up going on medication to dry out my skin, and since I finished that process I just focus on FRÉ. Antibacterial products, sunblock, and products for dryness are my essentials. 

Antibacterial products, sunblock, and products for dryness are my essentials. 

My daily routine

I work out in the morning. Before my workout, I use  PURIFY ME,  then a small dot of  REVIVE ME.  I come back and cleanse. I make sure to wash my face for a full minute, then I use  REVIVE ME  again. Then, I apply  PROTECT ME,  and if I wear makeup, which I don’t do often, I put on an extra conditioning moisturizer and then makeup. Night is the same routine, but without the sunblock, and sometimes I’ll use toner too. I use  DETOX ME  twice a week

Rapid Fire:

    • Favorite exercise?  F45
    • What does sweat mean to you?  That I'm working really hard 
    • What comes to mind when you think of FRÉ?  Clean
    • What are you most excited about in life right now?  What my body can do—I'm excited to keep pushing and continuing on my fitness journey.
    • What’s something you’d still love to learn?  How to pole dance 
    • If you were a hashtag, what would you be?  #islandtings
    • What is your mantra?  If you don’t ask, you wont get. 
    • What’s the best advice that you’ve ever received in your life?  This too shall pass.
    • What is an issue that you wish we spoke about more often?  Education and how important it is. I wish there was more focus on education in the Carribean, not just for the kids who are excelling, but making the system work for everyone.
    • What does women’s empowerment mean in 2020?  Making your own decisions that aren’t based on social media, but on what makes you happy and doesn’t hurt anyone.
    • What are your dreams for the FRÉ community?  For more people to find out about it!! This is an amazing brand with a focus on sustainability!

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