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Meet Joelle Samantha, Israel Trip Prize Winner & FRÉ Ambassador Trainer

Jude Jacob Kayton April 30, 2020



About me: I was born in NYC and I’m still living in NYC! I’m an online health & fitness coach and FRÉ’s Ambassador Trainer. I run monthly sales training sessions for FRÉ’s amazing Ambassador Community. 


Level TEN Coaching

I have been an online health and fitness coach since 2012. It was always a side hustle while I  was a full time teacher for high school health and PE. I used to take a few clients here and there and post content on IG. The business ended up growing, and I got short on time. It got to a point where I had no work-life balance and although I loved what I did I had no time for myself. I realized I couldn’t do it all, so in June I officially stopped teaching. This is the first school year that I’m running my business full time and not teaching. 

I got to maximum capacity within a few months and couldn’t service everyone! I realized I had expanded as much as I could alone, and that to grow further I needed assistant coaches. So, I rebranded my company from Joelle Samantha to Level TEN Coaching and relaunched last month. Together with two assistant coaches, we offer fitness training, education and nutrition. 


"This is the first school year that I’m running my business full time and not teaching."


My daily routine right now

I wake up and take care of my “non-negotiables” - the tasks that MUST get done no matter what. Then I drink 40 oz of water and go for a walk with my dog Molly. I like to start my day with movement as long as there are no downpours! When I get back, I take my vitamins and make my morning smoothie of protein, fruits and greens. While drinking I do my morning journaling and set my intentions for the day. 

Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are check-in days where I spend a lot of time on calls with clients to see how they are progressing. Thursdays and Fridays are for onboarding new clients and content creation. Saturday and Sunday are optional work days for me. I usually work on weekends but not as much as on weekdays. In the middle of each day I take a lunch walk and then continue working. At 6 or 7 when I finish work, I do a weight lifting home workout followed by dinner with my husband and an after dinner walk. 

Tips for starting your own business

  1. Show up even when you don’t feel like it: even if you feel silly, aren’t used to talking in front of a camera; even if you are introverted or shy. 
  2. Be as relatable and transparent as you can. People want to work with people they relate to, not strangers.

"My favorite FRÉ is probably GLOW ME. I love that it matches my skin tone and pretty much everyone's skin tone! It evens skin out and leaves you glowing." 


My skincare routine

I’m lucky to have great skin but I do get fine lines and wrinkles so I need to make sure my skin is very moisturized. It’s hard to choose but my favorite FRÉ is probably GLOW ME. I love that it matches my skin tone and pretty much everyone's skin tone! It evens skin out and leaves you glowing. 

I start every day with PURIFY ME. Sometimes I put on GLOW ME afterwards and that’s it. Sometimes I mix GLOW ME with REVIVE ME. It doesn’t go on so thick and it's extra hydrating. Sometimes instead of highlighter I put a little I AM LOVE on my cheeks. If I don’t use GLOW ME then I use PROTECT ME. I definitely use it more in summer; in winter I use REVIVE ME more. At night I use PURIFY ME again followed by RECOVER ME. People ask me about what order to use the products in, but the nice thing is, you can use whatever suits your skin each day. You can really just listen to your skin. 

Why I love FRÉ

I love that FRÉ is about solving problems, not just selling products. I love that there’s a whole community that comes together and that for every set sold we plant an argan “Tree of Life”. 

When I started working with FRÉ, the products did amazingly well on my page and my followers felt connected to FRÉ since a lot of them are active women. Then, when I left teaching, FRÉ reached out about starting a monthly webinar and sales consulting. My journey has been from ambassador to ambassador leader to ambassador trainer. My job now is to help with sales, so seeing sales improve is really rewarding.

The future of FRÉ

I’m jewish and everyone in my family has been to Israel except me. I am dying for the Israel trip to happen, when it becomes possible. I can’t wait to meet the team, the other ambassadors, and to see FRÉ’s headquarters!

My dreams for FRÉ are to see ALL our ambassadors fly out to Morocco or Israel and plant trees together. I would also love to see FRÉ in stores and not just online, maybe even with their own store front.

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