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Interview with Talia Sutra, Global Yoga Instructor & Co-Creator of I AM JOY

by Jude Jacob Kayton August 31, 2020

Interview with Talia Sutra, Global Yoga Instructor & Co-Creator of I AM JOY


Tell us a bit about yourself and the projects you are working on. 

My life, like everyone else’s, has changed a lot since the pandemic. I’m no longer traveling. My travel teaching schedule was always a big part of my work and I’ve had my entire year cancelled. My greatest passion is meeting yogis all over the world and I miss it a lot. But I appreciate the ways in which we can connect globally through technology, and in the middle of June, I launched  my new app.  I also have a lot of new (and secret) projects in store for 2020 and 2021, so watch this space!

Why did you develop a skincare line? Is it connected to your yoga practice?  

Everything I do in my life is connected to my practice; my practice doesn’t have a start or end time. My life is my practice and my practice is my life. Skincare is a part of my self-care, and when I feel better, I can work better and create better; I can hold space for others in a more attentive way.

I’m passionate about taking care of my body and to giving my skin the care it needs. That's why I created  I AM LOVE  and I AM JOY. Skincare is an integral part of self-care and using it changes the course of my day. 

Skincare is an integral part of self-care and using I AM LOVE and I AM JOY change the course of my day. 

What are your skin challenges?

I used to struggle with redness and breakouts. Skin reflects our internal states, and at this point in life, I’ve gotten ridden of what makes me feel unwell. I’ve cut out caffeine, alcohol and gluten. Skincare is about balance: our eating habits, exercise, what we remove from our lives, and what we choose to incorporate into our daily routines, like essential oils. Each of the ingredients in  I AM LOVE  and I AM JOY are powerful and completely natural.

Tell us about your partnership with FRÉ

I met FRÉ’s founders Michael and Mickael four and a half years ago and I was the one of the first people to work with them and try their products. I’ve had the amazing experience of being with them from the very beginning, and I tried the products when they were still in lab bottles. The partnership has been very natural. We have so much in common, and share roots in Morocco. I also had the opportunity to travel to Morocco with FRÉ which was a very special experience. I was always giving feedback on products and focusing on natural and eco-friendly solutions, so we decided to make my vision a reality and co-create I AM JOY and  I AM LOVE.


What was the process of creating I AM JOY?

I’ve been using rose water for a long time… When I created I AM LOVE, I already had a vision for I AM JOY. I knew I wanted to make it eventually. Rose water has been a beauty product for thousands of years. It's timeless and sacred.

To create I AM JOY, I experimented with different ingredients and oils. In the end, I chose 9 natural ingredients. Rose oil and rose water are the primary ingredients. After that comes argan oil (the heart of all FRÉ’s products), white water lily and 3 types of citrus. Citrus oils are naturally full of joy; they lift your mood. They are also full of Vitamin C. Overall, I AM JOY is refreshing and fun with an incredible smell. I love this final formula—it complementsI AM LOVE perfectly.

Overall, I AM JOY is refreshing and fun with an incredible smell.

What’s your daily skincare routine?

I AM JOY is very versatile, in addition to using it with  I AM LOVE,  you can mist your face with it on hot summer days. Sometimes, the spray alone is enough—it's a super fun dose of hydration. Usually, I mist my face with it after washing my face with warm water in the morning, and while it's still dewy, I take a few drops of  I AM LOVE  and mix the two to a silky smooth consistency. Often, I leave my face like that, smooth and clean. But if I’m putting on makeup, I find that the combination of I AM JOY and  I AM LOVE  is the most amazing primer. The foundation doesn’t get caked in. I always wear makeup when I film my practice. I use  Tarte Cosmetics,  which are cruelty free and vegan. It’s amazing quality with beautiful ingredients. If I’m out in the sun, I will also use  PROTECT ME.

What’s your night routine?

My night routine depends on if I put on makeup that day. If I am wearing makeup, I keep it on until the evening. I take off my makeup using oil with cotton balls. I use either coconut oil, almond oil or  100% Organic Argan Oil.  I put a few drops of oil on my face, then I spray it with I AM JOY a few times. I rub the mixture of the mist and oil together around my eyes and then use a cloth or cotton ball to wipe everything off. Next, I wash my face with  PURIFY ME.  Then, I mist my face with I AM JOY and apply a few drops of  I AM LOVE

Anything else you’d like to add?

I like to keep things simple and only use a few products. My goal is for people to love these products so much that they won’t need much else—they are so pure and natural. 


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