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Caitlin Apple - An Apple a Day

by Aaron AD February 28, 2018

Caitlin Apple - An Apple a Day

Caitlin “Apple” is certified school counselor, dedicated to helping children, and a fitness enthusiast dedicated to helping women empower themselves. She shares tips and encouragement for working out and eating healthy on her Instagram account, c.appleaday, and her deeper thoughts on her blog. She believes in FRÉ, and has shared her passion for wellness with us.


"Women are so capable of so much when they set their mind to something."

Why do you love to sweat?

I love to sweat because it makes me feel strong, confident, and capable. It brings joy to my day and to my life, and it makes me feel unstoppable.

How did your passion for fitness and wellness begin?

I discovered a fitness community of women supporting each other, called Tone it Up, and discovered that I could be a part of something amazing while working on my physical goals! I was tired of feeling run down and unhappy about my body and started to realize how good working out can make you feel, inside and out. The accountability and support the community provided allowed me to take that extra leap of faith in myself and make working out a lifestyle and not just a fad.

Are you involved in any social or environmental causes that you would like to share with the FRÉ community?

I am a big animal lover and all my pets are adopted babies! I got my dog Milo from a rescue that I donate to and volunteer at, and love every second of giving love to creatures that only want love in return.

Can you share an inspirational beauty/wellness tip that really helps you?

Trust in your own beauty and body, because there is no one out there as unique as you! Women are so capable of so much when they set their mind to something, and sometimes all it takes is that trust in yourself and what you have to offer that is uniquely you.

Is there anything else you would like to share with FRÉ's community?

I am a creator and co-host of an amazing podcast on iTunes, Podbean, google play, and podcast addicts, called “Glass Full of Soul.” It is a platform for women to be themselves and celebrate their uniqueness. We are all about being real, laughing, and talking about so many issue we face as women! I hope more women join in on the deep conversations and fun! I also write a blog, www.cappleaday.com, along the same lines, and love to share my thoughts and feelings in the written word. You can also follow me on Instagram at “c.appleaday” to see my healthy lifestyle and personal life!


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