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Madison Ciccone - Loving a Lifetime of Workouts

by Aaron AD October 10, 2017

Madison Ciccone - Loving a Lifetime of Workouts

Madison Ciccone is a SoulCycle instructor and workout enthusiast in Boston, Massachusetts. She spoke to us about her life-long love of workouts, how she became a professional in health and fitness, and the importance of FRÉ.

"FRÉ, and all the women in this community, are strong and beautiful, and above all else, lift each other up."

Why do you love to sweat?

I have loved to sweat since I was very young, in dance class. I used to love when we would be doing really intense routines, usually modern or jazz or my favorite hip hop, and all the mirrors would fog up. I still love going to take class at the Dance Complex in Cambridge and getting that full body workout. Now I am a SoulCycle instructor by day, so I am teaching anywhere from two to three classes a day and I am constantly sweating. To me it's just always been a way of life.

How did your fitness career begin?

I ended up getting laid off from an ad agency in Los Angeles and started working at SoulCycle as an Assistant Studio Manager. I fell in love with riding and eventually went through the process to become an instructor. 

Why are you passionate about what you do?

I have always believed in the act of service and that kind of molded into becoming a full time inspirational/motivational coach for people who come to my class. I feel like what I do really makes an impact on peoples’ everyday lives, whether it’s coming and riding or watching my Instagram stories where I am usually being really crazy and funny but also sprinkling in a lot of inspiration and "feel-good" techniques for people to live their best life.

Are you involved in any social or environmental causes that you would like to share with the FRÉ community?

Currently I am not involved with any social or environmental causes here in Boston. I have been here for about a year but have not really gotten back into volunteering and getting out into the community – but it is very high on my priority lists (I'm a BIG list person)!, In Los Angeles I was very much involved with Life Rolls On, Hashtag Lunch Bag, and The Xanadu Life. I am definitely a big environment person, particularly when it comes to the ocean. I guess I am a big advocate for anything to save our oceans especially when it comes to plastic. I hate STRAWS!

Can you share an inspirational tip about wellness/fitness/beauty that really helps you?

"Stay in your own Lane!" I think is it only human that we are constantly looking around and comparing ourselves to others but I think it is the most detrimental thing you can do to yourself on your OWN personal journey. Because it is just that: YOUR JOURNEY! Everyone's path to success and staying in shape and eating is different. When it comes to beauty I think it’s important to be super authentic and vulnerable. Once I dug deep and got vulnerable with myself, I opened up to the world and had this new sense of confidence and I think it radiates in a way that people just pick up. It’s a kind of beautiful energy.

Is there anything else you would like to share with FRÉ's community?

FRÉ is the only thing that I have clung to after going through Acutane in my first year of teaching SoulCycle. My skin was so bad that I would wake up every day and cry because the reflection I saw in the mirror was disgusting to me. I felt like I was looking at a monster. FRÉ, and all the women (and perhaps men, although I have not met any of them) in this community, are strong and beautiful, and above all else, lift each other up. It’s a community of inspirational leaders that I truly admire and look forward to connecting with daily through social media.



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