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One Set, One Tree: 1015 Trees Planted in Australia

by Lorisa Hasenbush February 02, 2020

One Set, One Tree: 1015 Trees Planted in Australia

The fires in Australia started in September 2019, but as the months passed, they continued to spread. All forms of life from plants to animals to people were affected as24 million acres of the country burned. This is an area of land that is larger than the entire state of Indiana. As the fires swept across Australia, people and animals lost their homes, entire ecosystems turned to ash, the air quality was hazardous, and, most devastatingly, people and animals died.

FRÉ is committed to helping reforestation. Since FRÉ began we’ve been committed to replenishing forests through our One Set, One Tree program to give back to the Argan forests and Argan harvesting communities. In February 2020, in the wake of the wildfires, we dedicated our efforts to Australia and planted trees. FRÉ planted one tree in Australia for every123FRÉ Set purchased in February, totaling 1015 trees. FRÉ partnered withOne Tree Planted in order to renew the Australian forests.

How will these trees help Australia? 

The new trees will help Australia restore ecosystems, clean the air, and purify the water system. The process will not be immediate, but every new tree will push Australia back onto the path of health and vibrance.


Restoring ecosystems

The fires killed many trees, leaving many animals homeless and without sources of food. Wild animals are part of food chains; for example, insects eat blossoms from trees, birds eat insects, larger birds and dingoes eat the smaller birds. Without food sources from the trees, the whole chain is broken. These new trees will provide both shelter and sustenance for the animals in the Australian wild.


Cleaning the air

The fires created a lot of smoke. So much smoke was produced that it started to travel across the planet.The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has satellite photos of the Australian smoke drifting over South America. The new trees will absorb carbon dioxide and other toxic chemicals that the smoke left in the air, and they will release life-giving oxygen.


Purifying the water

The fires left ash all over the ground. When the rain comes, it can wash the ash into water sources, such as lakes and rivers.The new trees will help stabilize the ground. They will work as a filter, preventing soil and ash from entering water sources during the rain storms. 


Replenishing the forests 

Months of brush fires in Australia destroyed millions of acres of land. It will take a while for the country to recover from such devastation, but FRÉ was quick to help by planting 1015 trees. The new trees will help revive the ecosystems, cleanse the air, and filter the water. In time, these trees will help Australia’s wildlife return to all its glory. 

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